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Friday, November 30, 2012

Design A Collar Giveaway ~ Holiday Happenings

Pet Blogs United

Guess who's got another cool giveaway?

This afternoon we have a giveaway from Design A Collar.  Here's the scoop:

"All collars are made when ordered.

Each collar is started from scratch so if you include your pets neck size they are custom made to fit. I use the neck size as the center hole so you have room for adjusting larger and smaller. If you have a puppy I can use the neck size as the smallest hole to give room for growth. The larger collars are made of 9-10 oz leather, smaller collars are made of 4-5 oz leather.

Purrs of Wisdom Book Giveaway ~ Holiday Happenings

Pet Blogs United

Todays first giveaway is a great new book Purrs of Wisdom; Conscious Living Feline Style.

We we lucky enough to get author Ingrid King to tell us a little about the book:

Thursday, November 29, 2012

CatCam Collar Camera Giveaway ~ Holiday Happenings

Pet Blogs United

Tonight we're excited to have a bonus giveaway from CatCam.

We are giving two CatCams away and this giveaway is open internationally!

Here is what the inventor of the CatCam has to say:

Petmate Deluxe Pet Fountain Giveaway ~ Holiday Happenings

Pet Blogs United

Today we have an awesome Petmate Deluxe Fresh Flow Purifying Pet Fountain in Black to give away courtesy of Petco.

We have learned that running water can increase the amount of water your pets drink, and we have found this to be true, especially for our cats Chloe & Moe.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bonus! Quick Iams Giveaway On The Daily Oskar!

Over at The Daily Oskar, we're having quick Iams giveaway.  You have an opportunity to help pick the next Iams TV ads and to win a pawsome Iams gift basket.

This one ends tomorrow night, so click over to check it out!

Sleeping With The Beast Book Giveaway ~ Holiday Happenings

Pet Blogs United

Today our Holiday Happenings giveaway is a wonderful book called Sleeping With The Beast.

We read it & just loved it and we were lucky enough to get the author Dale Ryan to write a post about the book.

I decided to write “Sleeping With The Beast” when I walked into my bedroom and saw three dogs asleep with my husband, cuddled up with our eldest dog Buddha gently snoring on a cold wintry afternoon. The sight, peaceful beasts in slumber land, was so heartwarming, and the angle so dramatic that I went looking for a small utility ladder and my camera. Best bit, I only disrupted Rupert, who was put out with my presence.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Five PetHub Tags w/ Service Giveaway ~ Holiday Happenings Day 2

Pet Blogs United

Today's giveaway is for Five, count 'em Five PetHub security tags with Silver Service, a $55 dollar value.

What’s on your pet’s wish list this holiday? Treats? A new ball? How about a spiffy new sweater? Those things might be fun to have, but we all know that at the end of the day, what all pets want more than anything is to feel safe and loved. What better way to give your furry family members that security than by giving them the gift of PetHub powered protection? Each PetHub QR tag links to a comprehensive pet profile that includes multiple contacts, critical medical information and more. Every tag includes our 24/7 Found Pet Hotline number, where operators are available around the clock to help lost pets get home fast. In addition to the most powerful identification tag available, PetHub’s Premium Services include Instant Email Notifications w/GPS Mapping, a nation-wide Shelter Alert System & $3,000 of Emergency Medical Insurance. This holiday season, PetHub is offering a FREE Limited Edition Holiday QR tag with every new or renewed Premium Subscription (you also have the option of a FREE basic tag instead).

Monday, November 26, 2012

My Memories Software Giveaway ~ Holiday Happenings Day One

Pet Blogs United

Well we're kicking off our Holiday Happenings this year with a My Memories suite for one lucky winner.

My Memories is a great software to make photo books, custom gifts and printables.  I made the picture above with no experience at all in about 5 minutes.  This is a really nice way to make memories that you can save.

Pet 'Net 2012 Corbin's Post ~ Pitbull Awareness

 Pet Net Contributor
Hi.  My name is Corbin and I'm a dog.
Correction. Handsome dog.
I'm just a dog. Not "just" a dog like some people say when they toss their dog away, because in that sense, there's no such thing as "just a dog." But I'm JUST a dog. Just like any other dog. I have four legs, a wet snout, a generous tongue... However, I also have a big blocky head, a wide chest, a deep bark and a tail that could split your winter wood stack.
Why does that make me different?
I beg for treats, I can do tricks, I walk well on a leash, I snuggle on the couch, I kiss my little cousin Christopher's tiny baby feet, I can make you smile on your worst of days.... I'm goofy, I'm fun... I'm a dog.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holiday Happenings 2012 Preview

Pet Blogs United

We're gearing up for Holiday Happenings 2012 & wanted to give you a sneak peek of what to expect.

Soggy Doggy
Pet Mate
Design A Collar
Ingrid King
My Memories
Triple T Studios
Friends With Pets

Make sure to get the new Holiday Happenings button in your sidebar for additional entries!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

McLean Puppy Chronicles ~ Featured Blogger

This week we're happy to feature the McLean Puppy Chronicles, a great blog about being puppy raisers for

My husband and I started raising guide dog puppies when we discovered that we couldn't have any children and decided that adoption wasn't for us. We wanted to do something more with our lives and to give back. What we discovered was that raising a guide dog puppy involves you in a community and connects you with the world and the people in it in a unique way.

Our blog describes our journey raising guide dog puppies. We get them as young as 9 weeks old (our first three were 9 weeks old when we got them), although our current puppy, Coach (our fourth guide dog puppy) we got at 17 weeks. As puppy raisers we need to teach them basic obedience, some directional commands, but the majority of what we do is socialization: taking them out in public and getting them used to public events so that the first time they go to the movies with a blind person isn't the first time they have EVER been to the movies. This usually means that all the crazy, funny, bizarre and silly stuff happens to the puppy raisers.

It also usually involves a lot of poo. In public places. Much to my dismay and horror. 8-)

But you deal with it and you go on and you always keep your eye on the prize of grooming your puppy to be a guide dog. Because that is what it is all about: making a difference in someone’s life. Join us on the journey. It’s funny, it can be sad, but mostly, it’s about a wonderful puppy who has a great life in store for him. Follow Coach as he learns how to be a guide dog!

Here are three of their favorite posts:

Oops, did we just poop on your floor?

Naughty Children Turn Deck Into Vermin Picnic

I Never Dreamed I Would Do It Too

Stop by this week to meet this great family of bloggers!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Pet Teachers by SoulPancake

This is one worth watching.


Don't forget to check back on Monday for the first of the Holiday Happenings giveaways!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pudding & Parfait ~ New Blogger Alert

HAI THAR! My name is Pudding and I'm a fluffy, round lilac Scottish Fold with large orange eyes. Humans often call me "Pudds" or "Puu" for short. I know my name and I can actually do tricks! Human thinks she taught me, but I actually taught her to give me tons of treats for doing simple things like lying down. You can see me performing some tricks I know here:

I was eight months old there, but I'm 1 year and 8 months now! My favorite things in the world are napping in dresser drawers, the sound of plastic bags, jumping in boxes, and wrestling with Parfait. For the first three days, I was unsure if I liked her or not, but now she won't leave me alone... (and don't tell her, but I love being her big sister even if she likes to annoy me!)
Hello, I'm Parfait... I'm a white kitten with a cream-striped tail and expressive blue eyes. I also have the sweetest little ear tufts! My mom was a rescued pregnant stray; when she had her litter of six, three of us had folded ears which means that I'm a Scottish Fold and Domestic Long Hair mix! Because I was the only girl, I'm a little bit shy around new people, but I'm only 4 months old so maybe I'll get used to it soon! I loved cuddling with my brothers and now I love cuddling with Pudding and my Human. I just HAVE to know what Pudding is doing all the time since she's my big sister. I may look pretty innocent, but I love sneaking up and pouncing on her to scare her, attacking and biting her tail, stealing food from her bowl and waking her up from her nap so I can get a tongue bath. My hobbies are cuddling (that's a hobby, right?), stealing Human's food when she's not looking, and practicing opera before dinner. Do you wanna hear one of my practices? You can watch a video here:
Our blog is called Pudding & Parfait! Our human loves sweets and named us after some pretty yummy ones. We love the color pink because all of our paw pads are pink. We hope you don't mind it because it's our blog's color too! Lots of photos of our daily adventures are featured, as well as cute cat themed products for both Humans & Kitties from all over the interwebz!

Human meant to start a blog for Pudding a long time before Parfait was adopted, but once Parfait came into our lives, Human started the blog to show her friends & family from far away. We want to grow up together while sharing love and cuteness with everyone around us! Enjoy our sweet sister love without ever getting a cavity... =^^=

You can also like us on Facebook to get daily photos in your newsfeed, subscribe to us on YouTube for when Human uploads a new video (in the near future, Human is going to try to upload one every week!), or follow us on Twitter where we can chat with you!

You can see that Pudding & Parfait are tons of fun so stop by & visit them today!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Treat Two Day Free Card Campaign

Treat is Shutterfly’s exciting new greeting card brand that makes it easy for people to create and send one-of-a-kind greeting cards. Treat cards are perfect for holidays, birthdays, congrats, thank yous and every occasion in between. It’s crazy fun. It’s super easy. And it’s totally personal.

Create and send a totally personalized greeting card from Treat for FREE by using the coupon code TREATBLOGR at checkout. Whether saying thanks for Thanksgiving, wishing a best friend a holiday birthday, or simply sharing the holiday cheer with a just because card, Treat lets you create a one-of-a-kind card that is sure to impress.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Launch-A-Ball Product Review

Working with our great friends at Kyjen again we have another great product to share with you.

The Launch-A-Ball is great for playing fetch without having to get your hand all slobbery.

Here's some action pics so you can see how much fun Oskar had.

The Launch-A-Ball will make a perfect stocking stuffer for the pup in your life!  Oskar gives it two paws up!

Staying Fit With Your Pet ~ Guest Post

When I grew tired of my usual morning indoor run, I decided to explore alternative, more visually stimulating environments. I realized even if you use the best elliptical on the market, sometimes it helps to change-up the scenery from time to time. So I set out on a mission to find something that would simultaneously hold my interest and provide me with a great workout.

After doing some research, I discovered a few articles written about exercising with your pets. I thought to myself, “Hmm I own two Golden Retrievers (Cooper & Hannah) who need the exercise just as much as I do. Plus, they would love the extra bonding time outside.” Cooper and Hannah typically spend time playing in our backyard but this seemed like a great opportunity for all of us to reap the benefits of extra exercise. So, we gave it a shot!

Initially, we started with walks through our neighborhood, but I soon noticed a problem -- I wasn’t able to gain speed and keep my momentum while trying to control two large dogs. I think they enjoyed the scenery more so than myself, stopping every minute to sniff each and every fire hydrant, stop sign, and random patch of grass along the way.

It was back to the computer for another search. I truly enjoyed the idea of including Cooper and Hannah in my workouts but needed to find something all three of us could do together. Then it hit me. I live in Arizona; a state with hiking trails everywhere.

Hiking would offer the workout I wanted and present the opportunity for Cooper and Hannah to explore a variety of more “natural” objects with their noses. Still, before jumping to conclusions, I knew I better test this perceivably brilliant hypothesis. So off we went on our first hike, a moderately difficult trail just outside our neighborhood.

Cooper and Hannah started off a little bumpy, their limited experience with rocky terrain required acclimation as they began a bit unsteady. However, as we continued along the trail, they adjusted to the rugged ground quite naturally. I could see they were enjoying the smells floating through the surrounding fresh mountain air. They particularly fancied chasing the lizards that scurried across the path from time to time.

Once we made our way back down the mountain, I could tell I made the right choice for all of us. However, I would recommend looking into pet insurance prior to journeying into the wilderness with your canine companion. As much as Hannah and Cooper appreciate their freedom during our hikes, I want to stay prepared in case an accident requiring medical attention occurs.

Anyways, after a month of morning hikes, I started noticing greater weight-loss and an enhancement in my mood. Relevant to mention, incorporating my pets improved my dedication to the workout; I wasn't the only one depending on it. They looked forward to it every morning just as much as myself – if not more.

Hannah and Cooper, too, started to benefit and see results from our hikes. They shed a few pounds and are in the best shape of their doggy lives. Even our vet noticed the difference in their health and musculature. She positively supports our hiking routine, recommending the idea to other dog owners.

If you’re growing tired of your usual routine, maybe it’s time to include your pet(s) and find a more rewarding exercise practice? If hiking isn't for you, try a causal walk around the neighborhood or check your area for local dog parks (great for canine socializing). By keeping the health of your pets in mind, the whole family can benefit!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Get Ready For Holiday Happenings 2012!

Pet Blogs United

Every year as a way to give back to our loyal readers we host a week of giveaways just for you!

There will be a lot of great prizes from some of our favorite companies large & small, and there will be a variety of ways for you to enter to win each day.

Here's your first, super easy way to score an extra entry for each day.  Just copy the code above and paste the Pet Blogs United Holiday Happenings button in your sidebar.  Please don't replace the original PBU button you hopefully already have there!

Put the new button in your sidebar before 11/26 and come back here leaving a comment that you did so.

This is going to be loads of fun with lots of favorite things to giveaway, so don't miss out!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lucky Lucy Chronicles ~ New Blogger Alert

A day late and a dollar short! I apologize for not getting this New Blogger Alert up as it should have been on Wednesday, but let's welcome Lucky Lucy Chronicles!

I am a middle school teacher of science and English. I have been teaching for 26 years. I also own an online pet business www.petswithallergies.com. I sell supplements, hypoallergenic dog beds, organic shampoos and pet treats. I started this pet business because my Cockers have so many allergies. I began to search for products, when my oldest Cocker started having skin issues. I became aware that it was not just my dog that had allergy issues, when I got the second Cocker. She also had many allergy problems. I wanted to share the products and information I have with others. My business is about a 6 months old.

I have two Cocker Spaniels, ages 6 and 13 and a Border Collie/Retriever rescue puppy. My I really just love animals. I have wanted to do a blog for awhile. I became more motivated this year when I adopted my rescue dog. I find all the things she does so interesting, so I started writing a list of incidents. After awhile I decided to plunge into the blog writing. I love writing about Lucy's adventures. I called the blog, Lucky Lucy Chronicles because Lucy came from a "kill shelter", so she is lucky. My sister has a puppy rescue, which is how I got Lucy:)

I'd love for you all to stop by the Lucky Lucy Chronicles and get to know the gang!

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