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Friday, August 31, 2012

Pioneer Pet Drinking Fountain Review

I've been working lately with MyFavoritePetshop.com and we'll have several items from them to review.  My Favorite Petshop has tons of cool stuff for your pets.

The first we're reviewing is the Pioneer Pet Plastic Drinking Fountain.

This electric fountain keeps water bubbling up at all times and also filters the water for purity.

It's a breeze to put together, it just took my husband a minute, with Oskar's help of course. 
Pets can drink from the bubbling fountain or the side where the water is still.

Oskar got the hang of it very quickly and he loves it!
The cats love it too, but they are too camera shy to pose for us.

If you love this fountain, you can use the coupon code "PetBlogs40", for 40% anything in their store!

Also as a thank you for considering the Pioneer Pet Drinking Fountain My Favorite Petshop would like to give away 3 Laser Beam Mouse Toys to one lucky reader.
Just enter by leaving a comment below.  Giveaway open to US readers only and will end on 9/10/12

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Follow The Dog Home Book Review

In Follow The Dog Home, Grandfather Bob, father Kevin & daughter Samantha weave a lovely tale of three generations and their love for their dogs.

These are dog people to say the least, never going long without a new canine companion.

All generations of this family learn about love and loss with the dogs that come through their lives, learning other lessons like patience and triumph.  This book is full of tears, laughter & scenarios that will remind you of a dog in your past.

From a beer loving fraternity dog to the one that was a delivery "driver" the Walsh family ran the gamut of different dogs, of all sizes and personalities.

It's a true tale of love and devotion between us two-leggers and our canine family members.  If you don't think that your dog is a family member, then this book probably isn't for you, but for the rest of us it's a great read!  I know it's one that I'll be passing around my family for them to enjoy.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ollie and Brynn New Blogger Alert

Today we get to introduce you to Ollie and Brynn.
Oliver (Ollie) is two years old, and the biggest brat you could ever imagine, as most corgis tend to be. He is also a little genius, and enjoys preforming all of his complex tricks to anyone who'll watch. He is definitely a show off! Oliver is confident, and knows he is handsome. He loves to swim, and also excels in competitive herding trials and we are currently working on agility training, which he loves also! He is my little wonder dog, but does suffer from severe anxiety. His mind never stops running!

We try to keep him busy with lots of activities, and so far keeping him going and going seems to be the best medicine! Ollie is also our trouble maker, and always seems to find something to get into! He is our first dog/baby, and we love him to pieces! He has completely kick-started our utter obsession with the welsh corgi breed!

Brynn is 10 months old, and although isn't nearly as smart as her brother, she makes up for that in sweetness! We found Brynn by accident while looking to add a second corgi to our family, and never looked back since we fell in love with her as an 8 week old puppy. She is definitely a lover! Brynn is a lap dog, and loves to cuddle up with anyone who will let her. She will kiss you to the quick of your lips, and follows us around the house all day long just waiting for more love and attention! Brynn is a very unique mixture of Chow Chow, German Shepherd, Pit Bull, and Labrador, and seems to have inherited the best qualities of each breed.

She is a goody two-shoes, and where ever there is trouble, Brynn is no where to be found. She tries to stay out of trouble at all costs, and is always found hiding, looking on at Ollie's crime-scenes just waiting to watch him get caught. Brynn has taught us that the best kind of dog doesn't have to be a purebred, and has been our biggest blessing in disguise! We never planned to find and take Brynn home, but we are so glad we did and wouldn't trade her for the world!

We decided that our dogs have a pretty great and sometimes very entertaining life here with us, and I wanted to start blogging about it to share the love I have for them with everyone else! Everyone who meets Ollie and Brynn instantly falls in love with them, and I knew that more people might like to meet them too, even if only through the internet. They are special dogs who have the ability to put a smile on anyone. They have touched a lot of lives in our town with their antics and friendly demeanor, and I wanted to share that joy with other people who feel the same way about their dogs, too!

We have a LOT to learn about blogging, but I am hoping to learn a lot from PBU and go far with telling Ollie and Brynn's story to the world!

You can see what a great group this family is, so stop by Ollie & Brynn today and tell them Pet Blogs United sent you:)

Monday, August 27, 2012

My Roo Spot Featured Blogger

Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to the cast of characters from My Roo Spot.
Jason & Cali
My Roo Spot is a blog about our adventures together and while volunteering for a greyhound adoption program in Richmond, Virginia (James River Greyhounds). A little over 6 years ago, we adopted our first greyhound and discovered our passion..to find as many as possible a forever home!! We do a lot of fostering (75+ and counting) and boarding of retired racing greyhounds. We also attend many events with our greyhounds as well as just playing around in the backyard. I am budding amateur photographer so sometimes the posts are just a bunch of random photos I want to share! We do love to travel so there are many adventures without the greyhounds which I will chronicle too. But mainly I blog about our dogs! We have laughed and cried with many people in the blog world whom we have never actually met. Allow me to introduce my pack!
Shiloh is 14 1/2 and I adopted her the week after I graduated college many moons ago. She has been my ever faithful companion and best friend for 14 years. She loves nothing more than to be near me at all times.

Dante is a 13 1/2 year old Dachshund who came with my husband. He is ornery and busy but a true snuggle-pup who keeps life interesting. He loves nothing more than to be under a blanket by your side.
Henry is a 12 1/2 year old retired racing greyhound (race name WR Red Eye) who came to us only 3 years ago. He was dropped off at our house to be boarded for a few weeks (check out the posts in Sept 2009). The owner never returned and we never let him go! He has a lot of health issues but that doesn't slow him down at all! He loves nothing more than a romp in the yard on a sunny day.

Dana is an 11 year old retired racing greyhound (race name Great Day Ahead) who we adopted as our first greyhound 6 years ago! She loves to roo and dance for cookies and is very special indeed. Her nickname is Dana Roo Roo Pantz. She loves nothing more than cookies.

Cali is a 9 year old retired racing greyhound (race name JNB Baby Beth) who we consider our only foster 'failure'. She waltzed in to our house, said "About time" and never left. She is a certified Delta Society therapy dog and we visit the VA hospital and a local boys home. She loves to be in her daddy's lap and is often referred to as the 'tart'. She loves nothing more than being center of attention with all hands/eyes and feet on her preferably with her favorite toy, the pink poodle, nearby..

Some of our favorite blog posts are...

Grapehounds New York 2010

Relaxing by the Pool

Beach Bound Hounds

Stop by & give them a little PBU comment love this week.

*I apologize for the lateness of this Featured Blogger Post, they usually go up on Saturdays, but Blogger has kept me locked out of all of my accounts since Thursday!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Salmon Paws Review & Giveaway

Oskar has been lucky enough to try out some Salmon Paws & Salmon Paws Wowsers treats.

The regular Salmon Paws are baked sheets of 100% salmon with no bones or fillers.  They can be easily torn or cut to your desired treat size.  Oskar has gone crazy for these and I love them because they're all natural, made in the USA, and high protein.  I mean, come on, these treats are made from 100% Alaskan wild salmon.  What does the ingredients label say?  One thing, salmon.

The Wowsers treats are small bits that can be used as a meal topper.  We got the veggie mix with salmon, broccoli, carrots, and sweet potatoes. When I put these on Oskar's food he ate it all in record time!
Oskar & I give both varieties of Salmon Paws two thumbs up.  I really couldn't find any drawbacks.  The Salmon Paws company also have products like Kitty Bits, and Omega Stix so make sure you check out their website.

Now the fun part for you!  If you live in the USA, you can win your own bag of Salmon Paws & Wowzers and we're going to make this one easy.

Just leave a comment on this post saying you'd like to try Salmon Paws.  Contest ends Tuesday, August 28th at midnight Eastern Standard Time.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Clean+Green De-Skunk Coat Cleaner Review

Early in the summer I was contacted about reviewing Clean+Green De-Skunk Coat Cleaner and since I love to try products and bring them to my viewers I said sure!

I didn't really think through the fact that Oskar would have to get skunked in order for me to review it properly.  Most of the summer went by & I was feeling guilty for not reviewing this product, when wouldn't you know it, Oskar obliged me by chasing down a skunk and getting himself sprayed.

Now usually I like to have pictures to go along with my posts, but if you've ever had a dog reeking of skunk, you know that the only thing on your mind is making it not reek like skunk.

We wrapped Oskar in a towel and plunked him in the bathtub, grabbing the Clean+Green De-Skunk Coat Cleaner along the way.

We followed the directions and did not get Oskar wet before we sprayed him down with the coat cleaner.  We used a cloth to get his facial area, as directed and let him dry before we washed him.  When he was done being shampooed, we dried him off & could detect none of the skunk smell!

This product worked exactly as it said it would.

All my life we've had dogs that have run into skunks and we tried tomato juice, we tried vinegar, we tried other treatment products that were on the marked and I've never found anything that actually worked like Clean+Green De-Skunk Coat Cleaner.

If you have a pet that goes outdoors and live in an area where there may be skunks, I highly recommend that you keep a can of this around!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Coburns Exclusive Elevated Pet Feeder Review & Giveaway

Coburn's Exclusive manufactures high quality elevated dog and cat food bowls customized to your pet's individual height.  The great news is you have the opportunity to win one!

For our review we chose the Arc Design in a bright, sunny yellow color.  Each piece is custom welded and painted.

Each elevated feeder come with 2 high quality stainless steel bowls, sized for the specific feeder you order.

Oskar approves!
Coburns Exclusive Feeders not only make it more comfortable for your pet to eat and drink, the quality will last a lifetime.

Now the fun part is that you have the opportunity to win one for yourself!  And if you just can't wait Coburns Exclusive wants to give you a 15% discount on any order with the discount code PETBLOGS2012.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Glogirly ~ Weekly Featured Blogger

Today we have the privilege of introducing you to those who need no introduction, Katie & Glogirly.

Meet Katie & Glogirly, the creative minds behind the hilarious GLOGIRLY-Tails Of A Cat And Her Girl. Their blog and Facebook page are voiced by Katie, the sarcastic and sharp-tongued kitty, known for her catitude, beauty and wit. Glogirly is her ever-faithful, eye-rolling human.
Katie at home
Together they take on the blogosphere by storm with dazzling photography, Photoshop pixie dust and witty accounts of life from a cat’s point of view. Recently the duo launched their own YouTube Channel featuring music video remakes, funny shorts and their newest creation, The Real Housecats Of The Blogosphere, a clever reality series featuring catty bloggers from all over the world.

Katie describes Glogirly as her girl-Friday, production assistant and partner in crime. When Glogirly decided to start a blog almost four years ago, she didn't know where to begin or what to write. Enter Katie. Katie took over and found the words that Glogirly could not.

"Glogirly would tell you I'm her alter ego," explains Katie. "Ok, fine...just don't alter MINE. I'm perfectly satisfied with my OWN ego, so mitts off, get your own."

You can learn more about Katie, Glogirly and the *mysterious Gloman* by clicking on the "Meet ..." links on their blog's home page.
Katie's French Movie Poster - Movie is on YouTube Channel here.

Three of Katie's favorite posts are:

Terror in the Townhouse

Real Housecats Premier Night

Katie Le Chat the Movie

Katie & Glogirly are a duo not to be missed, so swing by Glogirly today and tell them that Oskar said hi!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Puppy Food: How to Keep Your Puppy Healthy and Strong

When puppies begin eating solid food, their nutrition needs are at the peak for their entire life. Their bodies are growing rapidly, and they need high-nutrient food to help their bones and muscles grow properly. Complete nutrition for puppies is important in the first year of life, and quality puppy food will also support brain development and set the course for a healthy life. Here are ways that you can keep your puppy healthy and strong for a life of happiness.

Evaluate Nutrition Needs
Puppies have different nutrition needs based on their size and breed, and because of this puppy food is not one type fits all. Small-dog breeds do not need as much food as larger-dog breeds. Working dogs may need more energy, but lazy dogs can get away with less food. Evaluating the nutritional needs of your puppy can be a daunting task. It is best to get advice from a veterinarian. Food packages for puppies don't always give you accurate information.

When it comes to evaluating brands for your puppy, read the ingredients instead of the front labels. Ingredients will tell you a lot about the quality of the food.

When To Start Feeding Dry Food
Solid food should be given to puppies starting at four weeks. This may seem young to some people. Puppies stop getting all of their nutritional needs from mother's milk at that point. It's important to supplement their diet with a high-quality food. If you have adopted an older puppy, then you should continue feeding a puppy-food formula.

How Often To Feed 
A puppy should eat three times per day. Twice per day is acceptable. They have fast metabolisms at this point, and they will use up their energy quickly. Keeping the puppy full of nutritious food will be the best choice. Complete nutrition for puppies begins with feeding the right food often enough.

It's important that you do not let your puppy become obese. A healthy puppy should have very little rib fat, a tuck where the waist is and a slightly visible spine. Most people overfeed and let their puppies become too fat. This is counterproductive to the health of the pup.

Special Circumstances
Large-breed dogs need a very special diet. Rapid growth triggered by diet can cause skeletal problems. A large-breed food will be lower in calcium and phosphorus. This keeps the puppy from growing too big too quickly. It will prevent potential problems. You should also closely monitor the weight of your large-breed puppy. A lighter weight is always preferred over a heavier one.

It may be tempting to want a huge dog, but already-large breeds can suffer greatly from overfeeding. Hip dysplasia and arthritis are common ailments that cost a lot of money and make your dog suffer later in life.

Everyone wants their puppy to live a healthy and long life. If you have adopted a new puppy, then start researching ways to make sure he or she has the healthiest life possible. Quality food goes a long way to ensure optimal growth, development and health of a dog.

Best Ways to Care for Your Pet Cat

Sharing your life with a cat can be rewarding and fun, and caring for your cat can bring you years of joy. While cats are mainly self-sufficient, they do need a certain amount of care to remain happy and healthy. When caring for your pet cat, there are a few tips to remember.

Cats need to be groomed regularly in order to avoid getting hairballs. Loose hairs can get caught in their throat, causing them a great deal of discomfort. Comb your cat's hair daily to remove any hairs, taking care not to comb against the hair follicle. Comb down from the head to the tail, not the other way around.

Proper grooming is important in maintaining your cat's health. There is no need to send your cat to the salon or spa, simply make sure his fur is clean and brush it daily.

It is important to feed your cat a balanced diet of meats, grains and vegetables in order to keep him healthy. Cats are natural hunters and will eat whatever food they can find around the house, so it is important to keep harmful foods out of their reach.

Keep garbage can lids tightly fastened and keep poisonous plants in locked rooms. Give your cat adequate water to keep him hydrated throughout the day. You don't have to take your cat to five star restaurants, just make sure he has healthy pet foods that will give him energy.

Speaking of energy, it is important to give your cat outlets to exercise. While it may seem like a good idea to sign him up for a gym membership, you don't have to go to great lengths to provide him with exercise outlets. Climbing posts, toys and perches give him adequate opportunities to climb and jump.

If you have open space in your home, allow him to run freely, making sure there are no obstructions blocking his way. Some cat owners get annoyed when they see their cats tearing though their home at break neck speed. This is simply your cat's way of getting the exercise he needs to stay healthy. Encourage, don't punish this behavior.

Medical Care 
It is important that your cat get adequate medical care. Find a veterinarian in your area that will adequately care for your cat. Keep him up to date on his shots, especially if he is around other cats or plays outside. Your vet will also make sure your cat's teeth are healthy, so it is important to keep all appointments. By getting adequate care for your cat, you will ensure that he will have a healthy life.

Caring for your cat is a labor of love. Your pet cat is a member of the family, so give him the same care as your other family members. Make sure he has adequate food, water, exercise and medical care. When caring for your pet cat, give him the best care so that he can live a rich and full life.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ruby The Airedale Pup ~ New Blogger Alert

This week we get to introduce you to Ruby The Airedale Pup.

I just wanted to say how truly honored we are to be featured in the new blog alert. I first saw my first 'dog blog' when I was looking for Airedale rescues and breeder's online; I never knew that there were people who would 'channel' there pets, and blog about it. I just thought the blogs I read were so cute and clever, that I would check in almost every day to see what was new.

Ruby is a four year old Airedale terrier, who comes from a fantastic breeder in Wisconsin. She came to us on an airplane, and she was very chatty from day one! She always has to say what is on her mind. We live in the sunny San Jose, California (yes, we do know the way to San Jose), and just love the weather. Ruby just loves chasing squirrels, she will not put up with those furry-tail intruders in her yard! She just loves taking truck rides. She rides in the extra-cab (harnessed and tethered for safety!). Ruby loves 'bully rings', buffalo jerky strips, and her very favorite is freeze-dried chicken!

I decided to start to blog about Ruby, because I noticed that I was also channeling her. I would look at pictures of her and would just know what she was thinking! So I thought I would give it a shot. I have found the nicest people blog for their pets! Everyone has just been amazing, welcoming and helpful (Pam)! We hope everyone stops by and visits. You never know what Ruby is up to next!

Stop by this week and visit Ruby The Airedale Pup for more cuteness and fun.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Friends With Pets Custom Pet Portrait Giveaway

I recently had an amazing pet portrait done of Oskar by the Etsy shop Friends With Pets.

There aren't a lot of words necessary for this post, I just need to show you the pictures.
This is the portrait that they created for me.
Isn't it fantastic?

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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