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Monday, April 30, 2012

National Geographic's Digital Nomad

National Geographic's "Digital Nomad" Andrew Evans is on a 2 city tour of South Africa, and his recent post is a nice look at life lived at a slower pace while riding a horse named Poison.  Here's an excerpt of his lighthearted and humorous post:

The slower you travel, the more you see.

That is why walking is the best way to know a place. And when the place is as magnificent and gigantic (almost 4 miles long) as Noordhoek Beach, then you can save time and get a horse to do the walking for you.

Giffie sounds like an innocent, fun little horsey name, but as I climbed into the prim English saddle strapped on his shiny black back, I asked what his name actually meant. (I have learned from experience that a horse’s name says a lot about his character. Also, I have learned that horses in general don’t like me very much.)

“Giffie?” the horse handler sputtered, “Well . . . it means poison in Afrikaans.”

How quaint, I thought, as I patted poison on the neck. There was a story there—how when he was just a foal, he ate a lot of poisonous plants and somehow defeated death—but I was already biased. Riding a horse named “Little Poison” does not inspire a sense of security and well-being.

Follow along with the Digital Nomad on his National Geographic blog and on his Twitter account @WheresAndrew.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Volunteers 4 Paws ~ Featured Blogger

Today we are pleased to introduce you to Volunteers 4 Paws.  We also get to introduce you to some of their adoptable animals.

Volunteers 4 Paws is a blog focused on promoting volunteerism in shelters and rescues, fostering, health and responsible dog care awareness, dog related reviews and generally highlighting how great life can be with our dogs.
Jen, the blog writer, and her understanding partner have four of their own dogs : Tsuki, a 5 year old female shiba inu who is queen of her minions; Kitsu, a 6 year old male shiba inu who is every dog's best bud; Buckley, a 1 year old Beagle/Bichon who is the love of my life; and Kiba, a 7 year old Beagle/Husky who is teaching me something new every day. We also have a pet rat named Neville.

Here are 3 of their favorite posts:

Celebrating Kiba's first gotcha day recently

A valentines day photo project for shelter dogs (lots of photos!)

Appreciating how the shelter environment can help a hand-shy dog

Now for something really special, here are 5 shelter dogs who need your love!  Click on their links for more info.

Austin is awesome. He goes to every adoption event and is great with other dogs and kids. He is still very much 'puppy' and could use leash training. No cats!
Celia is an amazing hiking buddy. She is remarkable on the trail following her nose, and is affectionate when she trusts you. She does not prefer the company of other dogs.

Twister is loads of fun. She will help you get the lead out! She is good around kids. She has the potential to be compatible with another dog who matches her play style and energy. No cats.

Spike was returned to the shelter when he didn't get along with another dog in his home. He is fantastic with all people and can maintain composure around other dogs, he just seems to get nervous when they get too close. He's a great size, and is a ham for attention!

Anya is beautiful, funny, affectionate, and LOVES people. She is not compatible with other pets.

Take a few minutes this weekend to check out Volunteers 4 Paws and their adoptable pets.  You might just find your new best friend!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Healthy Dogma Looking For Reviewers With Blogs

A dogma is established among a group or an organization, and is held as an authoritative creed. We here at Healthy Dogma believe that everything you feed your pets should be natural, organic, and beneficial to maintaining healthy bodies. We only sell the highest quality products, ensuring that our customers get the healthiest food, treats, and supplements available. This is our dogma, and this is what we stand by.

We're looking for bloggers to test and review our products. Please email karin@healthydogma.com if you are interested, and include your name, physical address, and blog URL, as well as the number of followers you have for your blog.

Our Barkers dog treats are great tasting, natural and healthy alternative to processed treats. Only natural ingredients are used to ensure optimum quality, nutrition and taste. These treats are made with the same care and attention that you would give your dog. Your dog will love the taste and you will feel good giving your pet the best treat you can! NO Corn, Wheat or Soy! They come in 6 flavors: Apple, Banana, Cherry Hippie (for joint health), Kelp, Lamb & Carrot, and Nutty Apple.

We also made all-natural healthy dog supplements to help with a variety of symptoms... skin and coat, bone and joint, immune system support, anxiety and stress relief, and digestive health. Formulated from the finest quality natural ingredients.

Our all-natural dog food product is called PetMix, and is designed to be added to your choice of meat for a nutritionally complete, easy-to-make alternative to commercially prepared dog foods, which can legally contain many disgusting and dangerous ingredients. It comes in Original flavor, or Nut & Cherry with additional antioxidants and protein.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Top Cat Health Concerns in Spring

The Daily Cat: Safety

By Natalia Macrynikola for The Daily Cat
Top Cat Health Concerns in Spring
A cloud of doom cast over the clear spring skies of Georgia five years ago when a fatal cat disease, Cytauxzoonosis -- which can lead to severe malnutrition, dehydration and more -- swept through the state’s northern region. “A couple of cases were diagnosed here, too,” remembers James Brousse, DVM, owner of The Cat and Dog Clinic in Athens, Ga. “Some cats died after a few days of showing symptoms.”
The culprit? Ticks that carry and spread infectious diseases. These pesky parasites are a top health concern, along with other parasites, bacteria and viruses. The good news? Awareness of these threats can protect your cat’s health throughout the season.
Ticks and the Other Four Primary Culprits
Below, Dr. Brousse shares the dangers of five health threats that could affect your kitty this spring:
Fleas A recent survey revealed that 49 percent of participating veterinarians believe fleas are the top health danger of the spring. Multi-pet households beware: “Cats can get them from dogs, since dogs get walked outside and are more prone to catching them,” says Dr. Brousse. Swift and minuscule, a flea can also jump off human clothes and latch onto your pet for months. With one flea producing about fifty eggs a day, the population multiplies quickly, spilling into the surrounding environment. Aside from causing irritation, fleas may also transmit fatal bacterial diseases, such as plague.
Bacterial and Viral Diseases Feline plague, one of many painful bacterial diseases, is particularly insidious. Spread by rodent fleas, this disease may progress quickly if it isn’t caught early. Symptoms include swollen glands and extreme exhaustion. Lyme disease, a more common bacterial disease, is transmitted by ticks. It can result in crippling arthritis and even permanent disability. Mosquitoes can transmit the West Nile Virus, a rare viral disease picked up from birds.

Ticks In the warmer months, ticks can be a big problem for cats, especially in suburban areas. “Ticks come from deer and jump on cats’ ears or perineum -- the area around the anus where there’s no hair,” Dr. Brousse explains. Slower-moving and larger in size, ticks attach themselves to cats and feed off their blood, spreading serious illnesses, like Cytauxzoonosis or Lyme disease.
Mosquitoes A mosquito bite can infect your cat with the West Nile Virus, but more commonly, with heartworms -- parasites that lodge themselves in a cat’s lungs and heart and mature to up to six inches. “It only takes one or two worms to get into the cat and cause a problem,” says Dr. Brousse. Symptoms include haphazard vomiting, a slight wheezing and even sudden death.
Allergies Cats can develop allergies to air particles, just as humans do. “What we’re going to see is allergic reactions to various pollens, especially in areas where you get really heavy blooms,” predicts Dr. Brousse. Allergens include pollen, grass, weeds and even flea saliva. Cats sensitive to these irritants may itch and scratch severely, possibly causing hair loss and open sores that could lead to a bacterial infection.
Winning the Battle
Preventive action can help keep your cat safe this spring. Here are steps you can take:
  • Keep your cat indoors Staying indoors decreases kitty’s chances of catching diseased prey or being infected by fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.
  • Visit the veterinarian “Take your cat in for a complete physical annually, or better yet, twice a year,” advises Dr. Brousse. Your veterinarian will run important tests, such as an antibody test for heartworm, which can catch infections in their early stages.
  • Administer preventive medicine A monthly heartworm and flea preventative, which comes in the form of a chewable tablet or liquid applied topically to the back of your cat’s neck, can help maintain its health.
  • Check for flea dirt Comb through your pet’s coat with a flea comb. Dab the brush onto a white paper towel. Dark specks could be flea dirt, or dried pieces of blood. To be sure, spray the paper towel with water. Regular dirt will remain the same color; flea dirt will dissolve to red.
  • Check your pet daily for ticks Gently massage your pet; if you feel a lump, part the coat to examine the area. Use a tick remover -- not pinchers, which can hurt your pet -- to remove the tick. Wrap the tick in a tissue and flush it. Disinfect the tick remover. If redness persists in the affected area, call your vet.
  • Clean your house and your pet often Vacuuming is the No. 1 weapon against fleas, and an overall clean environment reduces cat allergens. If your cat suffers from allergies or parasites, bathing may relieve irritation and prevent scratching that could lead to disease.
It’s better to err in the side of caution, advises Dr. Brousse. With proper care and vigilance, you and your pet can both enjoy the gifts of spring without worrying about its feline health threats.
is an assistant editor at Studio One Networks, which publishes The Daily Cat. This spring, she'll be keeping her feline roommate, Freddy, safe indoors.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2012 dockdogs® Pet Lovers' Extravaganza

There's a fun event for any of you located in the Virginia Beach, VA area this weekend. The 2012 dockdogs® Pet Lovers' Extravaganza will be at the Care-A-Lot Pet Supply Store April 27-29.

dockdogs® is the World’s Premier canine Aquatics Competition and has a weekend full of events for the family and dogs: Face painting, Owner/Pet Look-A-Like Contest, Cutest Pet and of course Big Air WAVE, Extreme Vertical Competition and more!   My friends from Eukanuba will be there, too.

The Care-A-Lot Pet Supply Store is an Iams/Eukanuba Platinum Paw store which offers a unique loyalty program. Buy 5 bags of any size of Eukanuba dry dog food or Iams dry dog or cat food and receive a voucher for a free bag.

If you get to go check it out, let us know so we can hear how much fun it was!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dog Friendly Travel with Doggie Valentino New Blogger Alert

This week we are proud to introduce Doggy Valentino and his brother Kubrick from Dog Friendly Travel with Doggie Valentino.
My name is Corin and my husband is Matthew. We live in Los Angeles, California.  We adopted Doggie Valentino last year on Valentine's Day. He's 3 years old, Beagle & Rat Terrier mix. We adopted Kubrick 9 a little more than a week ago. He's a year and a half, Beagle & Dachshund mix (and we suspect Cocker Spaniel too). First, we had the idea to start a travel channel on youtube... a lot of people approached us with the idea because Valentino is so handsome and sweet.
My husband and I love to travel, but when we adopted a dog, we realized we wanted
to bring him along and so, we began to do more road trips and tried to visit dog friendly
destinations. Then, we moved on to twitter and a blog seemed like a natural progression
into more social media outlets. At this time, we have four more episodes we're working
on (San Simeon, Cambria, Buellton and Solvang). We realized it was smart to use
as many channels/means available to promote pet adoption and travel. We feel our
most important points are:
1. It's good to adopt pets. They can be wonderful companions.
2. You don't have to stop traveling if you have pets, esp. dogs!
The blog is mainly about travel, but we also post about day-to-day occurrences, about
adopting K9, about holidays, etc.
Stop by and Dog Friendly Travel with Doggy Valentino and give them a warm welcome to Blogville.  Let's show them how Pet Blogs United welcomes new bloggers!
If you're interested in having your pet blog featured on Pet Blogs United, drop us a line at PBU at comcast dot net. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

BumperPets.com Review

Sue Yellen from BumperPets.com contacted me to get the word out about her great website. 
Bumper Sticker Seemingly Made Just For Oskar
She says, "A passion for animals (like yours) and my four legged family members Duncan and Izzy were what inspired me to start a website called BumperPet.com. Aside from giving people the ability to showcase their love by making custom removable stickers from their pet's image, BumperPet.com also gives back. We donate $1 from every sale to charity and each month we partner with smaller charities and donate $2 to them from every custom sticker sale. We have also recently launched a line of removable bumper stickers featuring original designs in an effort to raise more money for animals in need. We are currently giving 50¢ from each sale of those to charity."

Magnet That Reflects My Cats True Feelings
I made my own magnetic bumper sticker of Oskar.  It was easy to navigate the site & they had some great options for making my creation just right.

I would have been better suited to use a different picture so that the blog address showed up more, but that was my error.

After I ordered my items they came very quickly and were great quality.

BumperPets.com is a great place to pick up adorable pet stickers, magnets or totes and you can create your own easily & inexpensively.  Check out BumperPets.com and tell 'em Oskar sent ya!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Tonk's Tale Featured Blogger

This week we get to introduce you to the gang from A Tonk's Tale, so grab your coffee & check them out.

This blog was named after Ryker, a purebred Tonkinese I rescued from a breeder who was going to euthanize him for health reasons. He first came one the scene in 2009 as @Ryker_Tyker on Twitter. This blog was created to give him a voice longer than the 140 characters Twitter allows. We lost Ryker to a sudden blood clot in November, 2010.

Our little "Waif" we rescued from Wayside Waifs on December 23, 2009. She's a Daddy's Girl (he buys roses for her, not me!) who adores her pink mani/pedi and blingy collar.

Ryker'z Boyz: Maxwell & Faraday
Maxwell is a Blue Point Siamese who came to us from a Siamese rescue. Unknown to us, he was completely deaf. We didn't care. His sweet disposition utterly charmed us! Several months of treatment and one surgery later, he now has partial hearing in one ear. Faraday? Oy vey! What to say about this bundle of energy? Faraday's a purebred Platinum Mink Tonkinese we got from a breeder who also places Tonks who have been abandoned & need to be rehomed. He yells a lot, at the top of his lungs, when he wants attention. Which is basically all the time.

I'm a director of film & video, a pilot and an avid cat lover. Volunteering at Wayside Waifs, Missouri's largest no-kill animal shelter, is my way of helping to reduce the alarming euthanasia rates of shelter cats in the U.S. I work as a cat socializer, video producer, social media advocate (& anything else they ask me to do!).

I'm married to a physicist who is also a pilot, and who also loves cats -- and keeps telling me he wants more (um, can we wait on that one for a while? Faraday's still swingin' from the rafters over here....).

It's our hope that our blog can be used to entertain, educate and help spread animal advocacy.
Here are some of their favorite links:

Cats and heartworms (an important, fairly new issue not many know about)

Less adoptable: Deaf Cats (our sweet Maxwell was completely deaf when we adopted last year & we didn't know it!)
Puppy Mills: How One Missouri Shelter is Fighting Back (part 1)

Puppy Mills: How One Missouri Shelter is Fighting Back (part 2)

Senior Cats

Stop by A Tonk's Tale today and check out all of the fun!  Tell them Oskar & Pam sent you.

If you're interested in being featured on Pet Blogs United, drop us a line at PBU at comcast dot net.

Friday, April 20, 2012

P&G Pet Care's Four-Legged V.P. of Canine Communications Retires and Hands Over the Leash to Her Successor

After 9 Years of Dedicated Service, Euka Says Goodbye to Her Day Job and Hello to R&R

MASON, OHIO (APRIL 18, 2012) – After more than 50 dog years of gracing Procter & Gamble (P&G) Pet Care’s halls and conference rooms, Euka, the 10-year young Labrador retired from her post as V.P. of Canine Communications. Euka was formally thanked by employees for her nearly-decade long run of dedicated service to IAMS and Eukanuba. A retirement party was held in her honor where an official portrait was unveiled that will be hung in the Pet Care wing of the P&G Mason Business Center. Following the celebration, her successor, Pawl Griffin was inaugurated by being presented an official company name badge and bandanas of his brands (IAMS, Eukanuba and Natura Pet Foods.)
“Euka is an amazing dog who has brought so much joy to P&G Pet Care employees, our community and supporters of IAMS and Eukanuba, “ said Jason Taylor, external relations manager, P&G Pet Care. “We’ve enjoyed every moment with Euka and will miss her greatly, but we’re all looking forward to the chapter with Griffin taking the reins as our new V.P. of Canine Communications.”

Euka retires on the heels of spending the past 10 months training the youthful Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen (PBGV), Griffin, on all the duties of a V.P. of Canine Communications, including public appearances, making friendships with the other dogs visiting Pet Care offices, and more.

“Griffin will handle his role well,” said Taylor. “He’s already done a tremendous job, especially at the AKC Eukanuba National Championship dog show in Orlando last December. He’s young and eager, and he’s been trained by the best.”
(The oil painting of Euka was commissioned by local artist Dawn B. Dwyer. You can see more of her work at www.dawnbdwyer.com.)
About Euka
Since joining the team in the summer of 2003, she’s been the official greeter of office visitors, represented IAMS and Eukanuba at corporate events and industry activities, supervised numerous shelter makeovers and visited school children to help educate them about the importance of animals and how best to take care of them. In 2004, her celebrity really took off when she became a national “cover dog” by appearing on Fortune Magazine with P&G CEO at the time, A.G. Lafley.

To learn more about and follow the happenings of Griffin, P&G Pet Care’s new V.P. of Canine Communications, visit Facebook.com/IAMS or Facebook.com/Eukanuba.

About P&G Pet Care
For more than 60 years, P&G Pet Care (NYSE:PG), the maker of IAMS and Eukanuba, has enhanced the well-being of dogs and cats by providing world-class quality foods and pet care products. To learn more about Eukanuba® and IAMS® Dog & Cat Foods or general pet care and nutrition information, call the Consumer Care Center at (800) 446-3075. You can also visit us on the Web at www.IAMS.com or www.eukanuba.com.

About Procter & Gamble
P&G touches and improves the lives of about 4.4 billion people around the world with its portfolio of trusted, quality brands. The Company's leadership brands include Pampers®, Tide®, Ariel®, Always®, Whisper®, Pantene®, Mach3®, Bounty®, Dawn®, Fairy®, Gain®, Pringles®, Charmin®, Downy®, Lenor®, IAMS®, Crest®, Oral-B®, Duracell®, Olay®, Head & Shoulders®, Wella®, Gillette®, Braun®, Fusion®, Ace®, Febreze®, and Ambi Pur®. With operations in about 80 countries, P&G brands are available in more than 180 countries worldwide. Please visit http://www.pg.com for the latest news and in-depth information about P&G and its brands.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Urban Animals Show On PBS

Urban Animals is “a human interest series about non-humans . . . and the people who love them.”

The show will debut this spring on PBS/WNYE-TV in the New York/metro area and will hopefully be distributed to PBS stations across the country soon after.

Below is the first “Urban Animals” report. The segment was taped at “Meet the Breeds,” the world’s largest gathering of cats and dogs at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in NYC:

I think it's going to be a great show, so check your local PBS listings to see if it's on in your area.


Now it's time for our post about Moe. She came from an adoption event at a local pet store.  We were happy to get a shelter pet, but not as thrilled with her name, which is really Maureen.  She was here before both Chloe & Oskar and is estimated to be at 19 years old.

Moe is much more timid, and skinny, than her sister Chloe, but she does snore like a sailor!

The only other time Moe is loud is when she is meowing for cat treats.
When she get's her treat,she is done, though.
Preferring to wander back to wherever her current resting place is and try to get in some more of her 23.8 hours per day of napping time.
Moe is not big on being photographed, preferring instead to fade into the background, leaving only the sound of her snoring and her night time scratching on our wood furniture to speak for her.

As our elder statescat, she is very reserved and not one to flash her hiney-bits like Chloe.  She likes a little good catnip every once in a while, sleeping next to the space heater and biting my toes when I dare to move them in my sleep.

She has put up with a lot, including two small boys when she first came here, the introductions to a tiny, annoying Chloe & then of course the big one with a feisty schnauzer puppy named Oskar.  Moe lets everything roll off her back and just goes back to sleep.

The one fun fact about Moe is that she loves to play fetch with little gum ball machine bouncy balls, but unfortunately she can't do that often because Oskar likes to try and get the bouncy balls and he could easily choke on them.

So now you've met all of the furry members of our family.  We hope you enjoyed the introductions.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lemon The Duck, Guest Post

I admit it. A duck runs my life---and I love it!
Lemon the Duck lives in my house. She bosses me around, keeps me in line, and always gets the last quack in a conversation. When I need to leave Lemon at home for awhile, she lets me know: This is not egg-ceptable. As soon as she hears my car pull into the driveway she’s calling for me---loudly, as if to say, “Where the quackers have YOU been?”

At the quack of dawn, Lemon demands her bath and in the summer she insists I take her swimming in the river behind my house. Her egg-citement is unmistakable. She wags her tail feathers and quacks at the sight of water, urging me to hurry and catch up. How do I know all this? Over the years I’ve become fluent in “Pekin duck.”

In many ways Lemon is like other ducks, but she’s also very different. In 2006, she hatched in my Kindergarten classroom with neurological symptoms similar to my father’s Multiple Sclerosis.
Lemon is unable to balance or waddle like her other feathered friends, but this duck doesn’t let her disability keep her down. Named for her soft yellow down that reminded me of my grandmother's lemon meringue pie, Lemon has always had a spunkiness about her and a desire to live life to the fullest, no matter what the challenges may be.

Lemon lives with me in my house and comes to school with me each day. As a duckling I kept her snuggly warm in a fanny pack, her little head poking out ,watching my students. Lemon imprinted on me and the children. Today, she thinks of me as her “mate” and children as her ducklings.
You might wonder, what kind of life could a disabled duck have? Well, Lemon is loving life. She oozes spunk and zestiness. Yes, she needs a lot of help, but she’s far from helpless. Caring for my dad taught me that being disabled does not mean misery. It’s allowed me to “tune in” and give Lemon the highest quality of life possible---the life she deserves.

It’s important to me that my little duck has a happy, stimulating life. I take Lemon just about everywhere. When we go for walks, she rides in a baby carriage so she can see everything.
Some people do a double take and ask, “Is that a real duck?”

“Of course!” I tell them, “A fake duck in a baby stroller would just be silly.”

Determined to do things her way, Lemon uses any leverage she can to try and stand. When she does prop herself up, a few seconds later she’s down again. But it’s never stopped her from trying.

How do you get a duck to stand up? It’s not easy. But we found a way with a dog life vest and a homemade stand. With her feet firmly on the ground, her body language said it all--This is egg-cellent! She could preen her feathers, muck around in the grass, and strengthen her legs.

Soon, standing wasn’t enough. She wanted to walk. A duck scooter is what she needed, but no one makes wheels for ducks. We made our own: PVC piping, coaster wheels, a mesh sling, and suddenly, Voila! You’ve got yourself a Lemobile! Now, Lemon zooms around and demands attention from her human flock, all on her own. She’s a ducky Diva.
Out of respect for people with disabilities, children are often encouraged not to stare or ask questions. Lemon provides a safe way for kids to explore and talk about what they might not understand; to connect with someone (even a duck) with a disability. Lemon shows those around her that we’re all unique and special in our own way and we all deserve to have the highest quality of life possible---no matter what our challenges may be.

Lemon’s interest in people is what first catches their attention, not her disability. They get right down on the floor next to her in her Lemobile. They talk to her and gently stroke her feathers. She tilts her head, softly quacks her replies. She peers right into their eyes as if she understands. Lemon is even a natural for pet assisted therapy.

My children’s book, Lemon the Duck, allows me to share Lemon’s story and honor my father, in my own way. Lemon the Duck is dedicated to him. I donate all of my proceeds to the MS Society and Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary.

Lemon’s neurological disorder is progressive, like my father’s MS. There is no cure. Someday she won’t be able to swim on her own and I’ll need to hold her in the water. But as long as Lemon’s willing, so am I.
I often hear, “Lemon is lucky to have you.” And yes, she’s alive and happy, in part because of me. But truly I’m the lucky one to have her in my life. I get to see how just by being herself Lemon touches people’s lives and inspires them.

We’ve met thousands of people, many with special needs of their own. Lemon connects with every one of them. We visited with one child who was born without arms. I held Lemon up to his cheek so he could feel her fluffy feathers, then he petted Lemon with his bare feet.

There are numerous occations where Lemon has touched the lives of thoose she meets. I’ve gotten to experienced all those amazing little moments---all because of a little duck, named Lemon.

You can learn more about Ellen on the following sites:

Lemon The Duck

Lemon on Youtube

Lemon's Blog

Lemon on Facebook

You can even listen to Lemon the Duck read aloud.

Oskar & I think that Lemon & Laura are some  super cool peeps.  Stop by Lemon The Duck to learn more.

If you have a guest post that you are interested sharing with the Pet Blogs United audience, drop me a line at PBU at comcast dot net.
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