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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Pet Python ~ New Blogger Alert

Today we get to introduce you to someone fun & different than what we usually feature, a blog called My Pet Python.

Hi there! My name is Elise. I created a website devoted to tracking the life of my three-year-old ball python, Havana.

I created my blog because I think that snakes as pets are under-rated. I've found that this is usually for a bunch of reasons. First, most people seem to be incredibly afraid of them because they think they're going to bite or even eat them. Second, they're not fluffy or furry like dogs, cats, and hamsters, so people think they're less fun to hold. Third, people just don't realize how gosh-darn cute they are!

Through my blog I hope to convert just a few more people to believing that snakes are incredible pets. These soft, pearl-eyed creatures are probably the most low-maintenance, pleasant-company critters you can find!

Let's show Havana & Elise that pythons are just as welcome to pet blogging as dogs and cats are!  Stop by My Pet Python to say howdy.


Ann Paws said...

Snakes are awesome, I love them. They are so high maintenance though!

easyweimaraner said...

Hi Elise&Havana! snakes are very interesting animals ;o)

Kjelle Bus said...

Snakes are beutiful !
My mom and dad-person used to have two Boa constrictors

Elise Xavier said...

Ann: They are awesome! It depends on what you think of as high maintenance. I think feeding a dog multiple times a day and having to walk him is much more time consuming and high maintenance than feeding a snake once every week or two and keeping his enclosure high in humidity. That being said, I'm sure defrosting a rat isn't everyone's cup of tea ;).

Easyweimaraner: I definitely agree! :)

Pet Blogs United: Thanks so much for featuring me on your New Blogger Alert. Really greatly appreciate it. :)

Elise Xavier said...

Kjelle: Boa constrictors are insane! They grow to be so big! Your parents were pretty gutsy.

Two French Bulldogs said...

We don't like tat thing. But it sure is pretty
Benny & Lily

speedyrabbit said...

Eek me not a fan!

BeBe said...

Love the name Havana!

Elise Xavier said...

Two French Bulldogs: Well I'm glad you think it's pretty ;).

Speedyrabbit: Aw, that's alright!

BeBe: Thank you so much!!

Jen said...

A pet python, neat!

I have very limited snake experience. When I was little, my aunt's roommate had a snake named Czar. I don't know what kind he was, though!

Alice M said...

Love this blog and that snake is beautiful!! I look forward to reading of the other pet blogs! :)

Complete Aquatics said...

Lovely blog!

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