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Thursday, November 8, 2012

There A Lot to Cluck About at Two Bostons! Guest Post

There has been a ton of conversation recently about chicken jerky treats sourced in China. There have been 361 confirmed deaths as a result of contaminated chicken and over 2,200 confirmed illnesses. At Two Bostons, we strive to bring your pooch THE BEST treats available...that is why we are so happy to show you these clucktacular treats from the makers of Charki-O's and Charki Puffs:

Our favorite thing about these treats is that they are made in the U.S.A.! No worries about contaminated chicken in these babies. Why are we so worried about where the treats come from? Read this article and you will understand.

There is a treat for just about every pooch too.

Take the Clucks N' Gobbles for instance:

Made with USDA chicken & turkey, they kind of look like a potato chip (about the size of a quarter actually) and are great for training or just as a small treat for all size dogs. The bag is full to the brim and there are no fillers, preservatives or mystery ingredients. Just chicken and turkey charki (jerky). Click here to check them out on our website.

Then you have the Clucks N' Moos:

Another chip type of treat, the Clucks N' Moos are made with USDA chicken and beef...and swirled into Diggin Your Dogs' Charki Liver Sauce. Again, no fillers, preservatives or mystery ingredients. If your dog likes Charki-O's or Charki Puffs, the Clucks N' Moos are a sure fire hit!

And finally the Strippin' Chicks:

These are strips of chicken charki (jerky) made of 100% USDA chicken breast! Yes, you heard that. Home grown chicken breast meat for your pooch! Vitamin E has been added for a boost to your best friend's skin and coat but that is it...no mystery ingredients or mystery chicken. Click here to check them out on our website.

Here is AdreAnne, owner of Two Bostons, talking about some other great options we have too.

So head on over to our online store today and check out this awesome line of treats and you'll have no surprises and no worries. We ship anywhere and will provide you with simply best chicken treat options out there today. And, be sure to join us on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter to stay connected with us.


onebluedog said...

Yummy! I can't wait to try those tasty treats!!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Those treats sound pretty good
Benny & Lily

meowmeowmans said...

Good to know. All that stuff with contaminated treats is SO scary.

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