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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sleeping With The Beast Book Giveaway ~ Holiday Happenings

Pet Blogs United

Today our Holiday Happenings giveaway is a wonderful book called Sleeping With The Beast.

We read it & just loved it and we were lucky enough to get the author Dale Ryan to write a post about the book.

I decided to write “Sleeping With The Beast” when I walked into my bedroom and saw three dogs asleep with my husband, cuddled up with our eldest dog Buddha gently snoring on a cold wintry afternoon. The sight, peaceful beasts in slumber land, was so heartwarming, and the angle so dramatic that I went looking for a small utility ladder and my camera. Best bit, I only disrupted Rupert, who was put out with my presence.

“Sleeping With The Beast” was actually conceived in the Cotswolds of England. Quentin and I were on holiday looking for odds and ends for our farm “do over”. After rummaging through shops, we decided to catch a bite to eat and came upon a very boisterous tavern. As we walked in, an enormous Great Dane was sprawled out in front of an immense 16th century hearth. Within minutes, dogs on leads came in with their two- legged companions and went to the water bowls and patiently waited for remnants of sandwiches. As we watched, the sad reality hit me that dogs in the United States did not have the luxury of dining in restaurants, unlike our European friends. At that single moment, I decided our home, gardens, barns, and greenhouse would take care of all our needs. Therefore, I had to consider everything from furniture, paint, fences, to thinking on a sustainable level, in terms of the food we grew and ate. Mind you, I had 5 dogs to take into account, as well as two young sons. The dogs ranged from seven years of age to puppies and they were 3 different breeds. And our sons, like all curious creatures, had a lot in common with the dogs. They like to roam, eat lots of food and a never-ending need to test the boundaries that surrounded them. Like children, dogs have medical issues. We found ourselves having to make a rough decision with regards to our terrier aka the terrorist. Sam liked to bully the other dogs and we had to put her on medication for behavioral problems. Whether in the park or the boardroom, someone always wants to be the alpha.

Animals and humans are so much alike. It is unfortunate dogs cannot verbally express their discontent; though like people, they have a way of letting you know what their needs are. As I researched, I had to make decisions about everything from leather vs. taffeta, to carpet in bedrooms to hardwood floors in public spaces. The list was growing by leaps and bounds with an equal tempo with our dogs and kids. Once again, I turned to my European friends, and for centuries they had limited trouble when mixing antiques and fabric with their best friend. As the years went by, with the house intact, some of my dogs were now facing health issues. We could no longer take for granted that our dogs’ everyday behavior would remain the same. We now had to be far more vigilant with their healthcare. We all have been taught that dogs are man’s best friends but my love for them grew stronger with each day. They are our friend, defender, companion, and as they age, they begin to take on parental attributes. Dogs have a way of laying out the design of both animal and human realities without having to say a word. We as humans are constantly bombarded with the changes we are to endure and yet by watching a dog, one can figure so much out without the glossy magazines, the tough nose bankers, to those who preach the consequences of our age and behavior.

Whether you live in an urban apartment or a country home, “Sleeping With The Beast” helps to enlighten the reader through photos, stories, and creative ideas, to take the frustration out of living with animals and people. From my perspective, a “pack” is a family of lovely beasts, who guide me every day.
We want to say a special thanks to Dale for her great post.

Winning this one is easy, just leave a comment telling me why you would like this book.

This contest is open internationally & ends on 12/3 at midnight EST.


Indigo and Malach the Great Danes said...

We would looove this book! Having two Great Danes myself, and 2 others belonging to my family living under the same roof, I NEED to learn how other people deal with them. Our family life evolves around the dogs! On top of that, we live in a 300 year old listed building in serious need of a makeover. And again, every work we do on the house has to be done with the dogs in mind. They eat wall paper, jump out the windows, scratch the floors, dig mattresses, smash mirrors and paintings. We have been lucky enough with their health so far, but the oldest, Raplagh, is showing signs of old age, and we now have to count with his grumpiness. All in all, this book would help us a lot!
Anais, proud owner of Indigo and Malach

Cotton said...

Looks like a cool read!

Lovable Lily said...

My Mommy loves to read outloud to us. She is a very avid reader and thinks Muffin and I would enjoy this tale.

After all, reading is FUNdamental!

Lily Belle

Collie222 said...

I would also like to be in the contest for this book. I actually have a collection of dog books/ stories, and would like to add this one to my library. But what grabbed my interest immediately was the cover picture. Every night I have at least three, sometimes more, collies asleep on the bed with me! Lol

Idaho PugRanch said...

I would love to read this book. So much of our lives revolve around our dogs and how to keep them healthy and happy. Our puppy Greta is a real handful and gets into everything. We are always trying to come up with ways to keep it sane and safe around here

Mom Linda and the PugRanch kids

haopee said...

I'd love to read Sleeping With The Beast. What makes it more interesting is that is has photos. A story becomes more engaging when it is paired with pictures to further enjoy it.

For me, the fact that Dale Ryan has also had a hard time adjusting to having dogs is just shows to what extent people are going through to accommodate their four-legged family members... their pack.

We'd love to read it.

Huggies and Cheese,


P.S. I so love the cover. It made me smile. ^^

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! What a great giveaway. We simply LOVE to read books that's about dogs. Since our move, mom says I've developed some bad sleeping habits ... not sure what are those so curious about this book. If we win for sure we will do a review. Golden Thanks for sharing. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

heyitsjethere said...

Hey Oskar, Jet here. Hi Miss Pam.

Well, let's see, Mom LOVES to read and is kind of low on inventory due to biscuit earning issues and life stuff.

The subject is K9s, uh... NO BRAINER!

All 4 of us used to sleep on the bed with Mom, jostling for positions depending on rankings - leaving Mom just enough space to rest... if she promised not to move during the night.

Anyway, we would enjoy hearing Mom read to us...

If it's meant to be, we would surely enjoy the book... right in time for Hannukah!

Bassetmomma said...

I would love to win this book. It sounds like such a well written and true to the heart read. :)

Pauley James said...

We read everything that we can that gives advice on making the co-existence easier. Sounds like a great read!

AdoptedMomToChazz said...

First of all the title of this book is BRILLIANT, we love it! Next I would like to learn these tips and ideas to make the house better for my furpal. I love reading about Dogs, and Chazz enjoyes a good 2 or 3 pages before bedtime as well. LOL But seriously, we enjoy dog-themed books over at out house, and would love to win a new one!! That would be pawsome.

Tucker said...

Um I is a great Dane and I loves to sleep - and I also loves to steal the covers in bed and sleep the wrong direction making an H wif the hoomans! For some reason the hoomans don't believe this is that great all the time. I think it is just fine.

woof - Tucker

DianaLWard said...

I've been sleeping with beasts as far back as I can remember, and that is pretty far back given how old I am getting to be.

I have always been an "animal nut" with as large a "home zoo" as I could get away with. Now I am a grandma who lives with my son and his family and babysit and home school two lively grandsons. We have two dogs, one cat, two ferrets, three fat rats, and a box turtle, and my excuse is that they are all educational for the kids. ;)

As a disabled child my dog Toby was my best friend and protector and I still miss him. I'd love to read this book and then pass it on to my other grandchildren who are just beginning the life of unconditional pet love.
Diana at Diana Ward dot com

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