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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pudding & Parfait ~ New Blogger Alert

HAI THAR! My name is Pudding and I'm a fluffy, round lilac Scottish Fold with large orange eyes. Humans often call me "Pudds" or "Puu" for short. I know my name and I can actually do tricks! Human thinks she taught me, but I actually taught her to give me tons of treats for doing simple things like lying down. You can see me performing some tricks I know here:

I was eight months old there, but I'm 1 year and 8 months now! My favorite things in the world are napping in dresser drawers, the sound of plastic bags, jumping in boxes, and wrestling with Parfait. For the first three days, I was unsure if I liked her or not, but now she won't leave me alone... (and don't tell her, but I love being her big sister even if she likes to annoy me!)
Hello, I'm Parfait... I'm a white kitten with a cream-striped tail and expressive blue eyes. I also have the sweetest little ear tufts! My mom was a rescued pregnant stray; when she had her litter of six, three of us had folded ears which means that I'm a Scottish Fold and Domestic Long Hair mix! Because I was the only girl, I'm a little bit shy around new people, but I'm only 4 months old so maybe I'll get used to it soon! I loved cuddling with my brothers and now I love cuddling with Pudding and my Human. I just HAVE to know what Pudding is doing all the time since she's my big sister. I may look pretty innocent, but I love sneaking up and pouncing on her to scare her, attacking and biting her tail, stealing food from her bowl and waking her up from her nap so I can get a tongue bath. My hobbies are cuddling (that's a hobby, right?), stealing Human's food when she's not looking, and practicing opera before dinner. Do you wanna hear one of my practices? You can watch a video here:
Our blog is called Pudding & Parfait! Our human loves sweets and named us after some pretty yummy ones. We love the color pink because all of our paw pads are pink. We hope you don't mind it because it's our blog's color too! Lots of photos of our daily adventures are featured, as well as cute cat themed products for both Humans & Kitties from all over the interwebz!

Human meant to start a blog for Pudding a long time before Parfait was adopted, but once Parfait came into our lives, Human started the blog to show her friends & family from far away. We want to grow up together while sharing love and cuteness with everyone around us! Enjoy our sweet sister love without ever getting a cavity... =^^=

You can also like us on Facebook to get daily photos in your newsfeed, subscribe to us on YouTube for when Human uploads a new video (in the near future, Human is going to try to upload one every week!), or follow us on Twitter where we can chat with you!

You can see that Pudding & Parfait are tons of fun so stop by & visit them today!


CATachresis said...

MOL!! Great video. You sure do sing opera!!! Nice to meet you :)

Brian said...

Such a terrific bunch, thanks for telling us...I must go visit them!

Brian said...

Are they still blogging? Nothing for over a month.

Cotton said...

Shall drop by! Pudding is smart and Parfait is adorable :)

Collie222 said...

Happy Thanksgiving! We are very grateful that we met you!

And thanks for voting for us!

easyweimaraner said...

They are gorgeous!!! ... I will try to slep in dresser drawers too - sounds interesting :o) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving ;o)

Hilary said...

I think I am in love!

PepperPom said...


Pup Fan said...

Oh my goodness... those names, those photos - too cute!

Keisha said...

Me likes! :)

mistyshoreschesapeakes said...

You are both so beautiful!!

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

we have been following them for a few months now but for some reason they haven't posted since the end of October.

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