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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cheshire Danes ~ Featured Blogger

Hello everybody!

My name is Indigo, and I am a Great Dane! As unfortunately many of us do, my dear pet friends, my life started on the rocky side. For the 5 first years of my life, I belonged to a greedy breeder, who did not bother with my education nor my well-being. To my fortune, I was adopted by Connor, who had been breeding danes in the past!

When Connor adopted me, I was pregnant with 7 beautiful puppies, and while Connor knew what he was doing, his girlfriend Anais was absolutely clueless! So she decided to start blogging, to find advice and support, and to share the joys of having puppies!

Blogging was the best decision ever! We met the most amazing pet lovers and made many good friends.

I gave birth on the 3rd of April 2012, and since then I saw my puppies grow, grow and grow, until recently they left us to go to their forever homes!

I am now enjoying a well deserved retirement ( I got my retirement operation on the 18th of June) with my two humans.... aaaaand.... Malach, the puppy we decided to keep!

He is one handsome lad, a big harlequin blue, like me!

Even though my puppies have flown out of the nest, i still have TONS of things to blog about! My favorite subjects are training, dog psychology, walks, games, foods and of course doggy fashion! Come by say hello, we love meeting new people and new pets!

Our main blog is Cheshire Danes

You can also go have a look at our Journey having Puppies

And also follow our attempts at being "green" and "sustainable" on our brand new Green Corner!

Slobber bubbles, Indigo!

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Stop by Cheshire Danes today & say hi!


Loy Cerf said...

Hi Indigo--Congratulations on seeing that all of your puppies found wonderful forever homes. My daughter also rescued a Great Dane. Poor puppy didn't even have a name. Now she does, Daphne. Take care and have fun blogging. Loy

Anais said...

Thanks Loy! Daphne's a beautiful name and reminds me of "some like it hot"! We are so glad to be featured on PBU! We always see so many great blogs up here! It's mad thinking that today it's our turn to shine! Anyhow, we've schedules some awesome posts and articles to be published this week and we hope everyone likes it!!!

speedyrabbit said...

Hi Indigo your pups are gorgeous,just like you glad to see you all have great forever homes

finnhoward said...

We know these folks! Great to see them here!

Jen said...

Indigo is beautiful! Also, Malach is a handsome "little" boy ;)

Anais said...

Thanks every one :p

Kten said...

We are so glad that you found a great forever home. Hailey and Zaphod

Two French Bulldogs said...

Hi sweet Indigo!
Benny & Lily

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Enjoy your well-earned retirement!

Katie http://myminipetpig.com/ said...

That sounds like such a wonderful blog. I can't wait to have a look!
Oink oink,
Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

mistyshoreschesapeakes said...

What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl! Your boy is very handsome too!

Anais said...

Thanks everyone! HAAAA we are so excited to make that many friends!!! Love to all! Indigo and Malach <3

savannahspawtracks.com said...

I just dropped over to Indigo's blog and said HI...thanks for introducing us to her, paw pats Savannah

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