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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Granite and Gneiss ~ New Blogger Alert

Oskar & I would like to introduce you to Catherine Anne & Nanook of Granite & Gneiss.

I'm Catherine Anne and I live on the Isle of Lewis which is part of the Outer Hebrides, just west off the coast of Scotland. I moved here a month ago to live with the love of my life, and part of the deal about me moving from city to country was that I could get a dog. After spending years in the city in Aberdeen working full time and living in an apartment I didn't have the opportunity to have a dog. I didn't have the space or time, but I missed the loving qualities and companionship dogs bring. When I lived with my parents we had a Shar Pei German Shepherd cross and we were so close, so when my partner agreed we could get a dog (which coincided with being an early 25th birthday present from him to me) we decided to get a puppy. He tried to sway me into getting a medium sized breed, or a cross. Like a Border Collie. But I couldn't be swayed - after having my last dog I knew I wanted a German Shepherd.

I searched for a few months, and then a month before the move I found Nanook. He wasn't called that then, but it was obvious to my friend and I when we visited the breeder he was the one. A month later, days before the 300 mile move to the island I picked him up. It was the best feeling in the world that little boy was coming home with me and was mine, my dog.

Now Nanook is growing up fast and I enjoy every day of it. I am the annoying parent who always takes too many photographs and records every achievement. Thankfully Nanook's easy going and will let me take his photo like crazy so long as I'll still play, let him nibble my thumb and hand out the milky biscuits.

Whilst I moved 300 miles to be with my love, sadly due to his job he works away and is only home 6 months of the year. Nanook therefore gives me company in the house, and someone dragging me out of bed every morning! He is as important to me as I am to him, and it will no doubt be very interesting when his "father" returns in two months time, he'll have been gone for three months and missed Nanook's 12-22 week stages! As Nanook's a White German Shepherd he'll have left behind our baby fluffy polar bear puppy and come back greeted by a long haired young wolf no doubt.

So this is who we are, what we do and so far it's been such a monumental journey and change of life I couldn't not blog about it. Now the move's over the blog's shifted focus to Nanook, he is essentially what happened next after I moved from Granite to Gneiss.

Stop by today & welcome Catherine Anne & Nanook to the world of blogging!


Collie222 said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm new (sort of) to blogging, and it's nice to meet other new bloggers. :)

Blueberry's human said...

On my way over to visit! Thanks for sharing!

Kjelle Bus said...

Me too on my way over to visit :)
Thank´s for sharing !

Jen said...

Nanook is so. Freaking. Cute. I've siad it before, but it always bears repeating!

Catherine Anne said...

Awwwww thankyou everyone!!! X

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