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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Labrador Retrievers: How To Be Your Dog's Best Friend ~ Book Review and Giveaway

When I was asked to review and do a giveaway of the eBook Labrador Retrievers: How To Be Your Dog's Best Friend I knew I had to check it out.

My husband's heart dog was a black Lab named Buddy, who crossed the bridge a few years ago.  If you look up the words good and loyal in the dictionary, you would find Buddy's picture.

This is one in a series of books focusing on different breeds.  Besides Labs, they include, German Shepherds, Yorkshire Terriers, Golden Retrievers, and Doberman Pinschers.  You can purchase any of the books here.

This book is a fantastic resource.  Starting with the first chapter, which is a history and overview of the breed and including chapters on homecoming, choosing the right Lab and socializing, How To Be Your Dog's Best Friend hits all the right notes.

I talked to author Lorie Huston, DVM about why she decided to write Labrador Retrievers, "I was contacted by the publisher about writing the book.  They were looking to do a 101 series on some of the most popular dog breeds.  Since Labs are so popular, that's why we settled on them as the focus of the book."

Sprinkled throughout the book are "Tips From A Vet," along with excellent resource lists filled with useful information that you can use immediately.

Huston also says, "I hope people who read the book have a deeper understanding of the care necessary to keep their dog healthy and the responsibility and obligation that comes with taking a dog into your home."

I have an eBook copy for one Pet Blogs United reader, any of the 5 breeds that I mentioned above.  All you need to do is leave me a blog post comment telling me which breeds book you would like to receive if you win.  Giveaway ends 7/13/12 at midnight EST.

About the author:

Lorie Huston, DVM currently blogs at Pet Health Care Gazette.  She specializes in providing pet health care information to pet owners to assist them in making educated decisions about their pet's health. Her work has been published in many venues both online and in print.

Huston is a practicing veterinarian and works in a busy animal hospital in Rhode Island. She holds a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Iowa State University and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Nebraska.


Restless Soul said...

Ohh the book sounds wonderful... I've a year old Labrador Retriever. And I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to read this book

Bassetmomma said...

Great review! This book sounds great! I guess I would have to go with the Golden Retriever book as there is no Basset Hound one. :)

garthriley said...

My mom would love to have the Labrador Retriever book, so I would like to win it for her. (and her birthday is coming up, so if I win it, I can give it to her for her birthday!)

Lorie Huston said...

Thanks for the wonderful review of the book, Pam and Oskar. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

akon Satar said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Samantha Remington said...

I would love to win the Doberman Pinchser book!

farnendus said...

Your articles are more than wow!

Labradors Brooks said...

I love this book I have also Labrador retriever
Labrador retrievers

Kiran Cheema said...

I have a black lab as well and I think I'm gonna have to pick up this book! Great review!

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