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Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Favorite Pup Jasmine, Featured Blogger

Our featured blogger this week needs no introduction, My Favorite Pup Jasmine is known netwide for her pawsome tricks and was even featured on Good Morning America a couple of months ago!

Jaz is a talented Havanese who LOVES to do tricks! She does commercials, photoshoots, & dog therapy at the hospital. Her motto: Live life with enthusiasm :)

Jasmine's popularity began on YouTube. Her trick videos were unique, and people shared them. She is most well known for her "Dog Goes Shopping" video- which currently has almost 93,500 views! 

Jasmine's tricks have now been shown on TV numerous times, both nationally (here in the USA) and all over the world, mainly in Japan and England.

Her most recent TV appearance is on the new Animal Planet show "Who Let The Dogs Out"! She was selected from dogs all over the country to be 1 of 10 finalists competing to become "America's Most Talented Pet". They flew us to California recently to perform live at Universal Studios! That episode (the finale) aired on April 21st on Animal Planet!

Jaz is a total sweetheart. She pretty much loves everybody. She loves to learn new tricks. I teach her using clicker training - which is positive reinforcement. I have learned some wonderful life lessons from Jasmine, and one day will finish compiling my book of all our experiences. Through-out it all, she will always be my favorite pup. :)

Three of her favorite blog posts are:

What's Our Best Dog Trick?

Special Talents

Havanese Breed Magazine Article

You can find My Favorite Pup Jasmine on her blog, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on her YouTube channel.


~Shelle said...

Awwww!!! what a pretty girl! I love the bows, Miss Jasmine.. and wow you are so very talented! :) And you've been on TV?!?! That is amazing!!!!

Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby

Preston said...

We LOVE Jasmine! She is so sweet and for a famous dog she is very down to earth :-) We Love her mom too! :-)

Carolyn said...

I bet she hasn’t let fame go to her head lol

Brian said...

How exciting to see Jasmine, we've seen her on the TV thingy! Cute and talented fur sure!!!

Hoke said...

You can see her personality thru her eyes!!!

MyFavoritePupJasmine said...

<3 <3 You guys are so sweet!!! :) Thank you for your kind words!
Jaz doesn't know she's famous. (And honestly, she doesn't care. That word doesn't mean much to her. All it means is more opportunities to get treats!) That's the best part about having a canine celebrity... they never let it go to their head! ;)

Bassetmomma said...

Jasmine is pretty darn cute!!

Jonathan Waterman said...

Hi there, Jasmine! You are so adorable and talented! I watched the video where you were at the grocery, and I was amazed with your skills in shopping! I’m sure you bring happiness to the lives of those around you! The same goes for those who have seen you on TV and those patients in the hospital. You are an inspiration!

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