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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Smile With Your Tail Featured Blogger

This morning we are pleased to introduce you Smile With You Tail, the antics of three Doodles and a Dane

First of all we would like to say a big thanks to PBU for featuring us! We three are still relatively new to the blog world and community, as we have only been blogging for a few months now, but even so we have already made some great friends. Our Mum, Emily decided to start a blog as a way to document our lives and all the adventures we get up to, plus she was beginning to feel her friends were getting a bit sick of hearing about dogs, dogs and more dogs! We all live on the edge of the Lake District in rainy England and our pack consists of Dante, Daisy Boo the Labradoodles and Sampson the Great Dane.

Dante is the oldest member of the pack and Mums very first dog, she has always loved dogs but the time was never right to get one until him. She chose to get a Labradoodle because at the time she had severe allergies at the time and opted for a 'hypo allergenic' dog. Dante was collected from a farm on the border of Scotland when he was 12 weeks old and that was nearly 4 years ago now. He turned out to be the most laid back, friendly dog possible. He definitely made Mum's first dog experience easier than it could have been and opened her eyes to the life of a slightly obsessed dog person. Dante is the 'omega' of the pack as he tends to calm the other two down (well tries too!) when things get out of hand and discipline them if they don't listen to Mum!

Daisy Boo joined the family sort of by accident, Mum was working down near Southampton at the time and stumbled across an advert for Labradoodle pups and made the tragic mistake of going to 'look' at the litter. She originally intend to get another boy, but was smitten by Little Miss Daisy Boo, so a few days later they were both travelling the 8 hours back home. She is very rumbustious and playful at home and when shes out on walks but can be very shy and timid around people and things she is not used to, she is turning 2 in April

Sampson is the newest addition to our furry family and his first birthday is at the end of April. He is definitely the more mischievous one of the bunch! He was came to us from Derbyshire when he was 7 weeks old and has been by Mums side ever since. Sampson is the clown and joker of the pack and definitely teaches Mum how to be very patient!

Mum tends to talk about all the stupid and silly things we get up to, the walks and hikes we go on and all the new experiences we have. She originally thought family members would be the only ones to see it but is so happy to have met loads of like minded doggy people and glad she isn't the only one out there!

And here are 3 of their favorite posts:

Post Bath Time Zoomies

More Festive Joy

A Day Up The Fells

This group has got some fun stuff going on, so stop by Smile With Your Tail and pay them a visit!

If you're interested in having your pet blog featured on Pet Blogs United, drop us a line at PBU at comcast dot net


Keisha said...

O hai! They look like very nice critters indeed. :)

Two French Bulldogs said...

Very nice to meet you cutie pies
Benny & Lily

Carolyn said...

You live in a beautiful part of the world! Nice to meet you guys :)

Chicco said...

Nice to meet new friends :)
Have a nice weekend.
Woof, woof,


Brian said...

They sure are a nice looking bunch!!!

Cute Cockapoos said...

Looks like a great pack of dogs! Good luck with blogging!

Mariodacat said...

What a nice write up for new friends. We'll be going over to meet them next.

Two Doodles and a Dane said...

OMD, thank you so much for featuring us! We really appreciate it :)

We can't wait to see how will be featured next week.


Bassetmomma said...

We love Dante, Daisy Boo and Sampson!

Raelyn said...

Hi Friend!! ;)
I have been reading and commenting on your Blog for some time now.... But we had no idea that you were "a newbie"!! Cool!! I look forward to watching as your Blog evolves during the passing of time!! Mine has!! ;-D
A "labradoodle" is an excellent choice for your Mum's first dog!! That's a mixed breed, and you know I love mutts!! ;->
"(Mum) is so happy to have met loads of like minded doggy people and glad she isn't the only one out there!" I hear you.... Sometimes dog owners feel like weird misfits in this world.... Until we discover other "likeminded" crazy canine lovers.... I so hear you!! ;op
Love, Raelyn.... And Rose my Beautifully Unique "Mystery Dog"!!

Kasha said...

Great meeting you! Love your blog!

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