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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pets in the City! Introducing a fierce new TV series about Urban Animals

URBAN ANIMALS host and producer Tony Sawicki poses with feathered friend at the Sean Casey Animal Rescue Center in Brooklyn, NY.
. . . A woman in Jersey City with seven pet rats that have their own playpen . . . A rescue center in Brooklyn for turtles, snakes, parrots, and countless other exotic creatures . . . an expo in Manhattan that introduces the public to over 200 breeds of canines and felines (including house tabbies bred to resemble tigers and leopards) . . . these are a sampling of the stories you will see on New York’s newest TV series, URBAN ANIMALS.

Premiering this fall on NYC Life Television, broadcasting to approximately18 million homes in the NY/Metro area, Urban Animals is “a human interest series about non-humans . . . and the people who love them.” The show, a funky, hip, and altogether unique concept in television programming, is a magazine format program created by award wining producer/director Tony Sawicki. Prior to developing Urban Animals, Sawicki produced “Under the Pink Carpet,” an edgy, alternative entertainment news series. Pink Carpet was carried on NYC-Life Television as well as PBS stations nationwide and on cable television in Canada during its ten-plus year production run.

The producer will bring his entertaining, informative writing and fast paced production style to Urban Animals, which he calls “television for animal lovers.” The show’s appeal will undoubtedly be universal, drawing a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural audience of young and old, male and female, straight and gay . . . anyone who loves animals! Look for Urban Animals on TV in NY this fall - - in the meantime check out the show’s website at: www.UrbanAnimalsOnline.com.




Check out Urban Animals FaceBook page.


Eva said...

This is such a neat idea!

My blog's name is Kobe & the City (set in Chicago!). I wish we were able to see the show, possibly online?

Follow Kobe and I @ kobeandthecity.blogspot.com.

Eva & Kobe

meowmeowmans said...

That sounds like a neat show!

Team Beaglebratz said...

WOWZERZ! That lookz like a good show - wish it wood b on our talky box here in Kansas. BUTT we CAN check out their Facebook page. Haf u herd ‘boutz the new show startin’May 30th? Mom iz all x-sited cuz she sed it wuz on a major network (guess that iza good thing?) We c it bein’advertized all the time here.

Doodle Boy'n Wiggle Butt
(Shiloh'n Shasta)

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