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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'd Like You To Meet The Cesky Terrier

We happen to have a soft spot for terriers around here and when I found out that the Cesky terrier would be at the AKC Eukanuba National Championships for the first time I wanted to learn more.

I contacted Charlene Ewen of the American Cesky Terrier Fanciers and she sent this background about one of the new breeds to be recognized by the American Kennel Club.

I got to spend some time with Charlene and her boy Leo, and I even got to take Leo for a turn around the main show ring, but that's a whole other post.  Here's the background that Charlene sent me to let you all get to know these guys.

The Cesky Terrier (Chess-key)

This breed is very unique in that we can follow our pedigrees right to the first two dogs used for its creation. Frantisek Horak lived outside Prague with his family and was involved in pure bred dogs since his childhood learning from his father who was a game keeper and kennel master for a wealthy family in Bohemia.

Mr. Horak was a great hunter and used this as his "kennel name" lovu zdar for registering the Scottish Terriers he owned/bred/showed and hunted with. Back in the 1940's the Terrier in the Czech Terrier Club was considered above all a "hunting" dog, hunting rabbit, fox, small to larger game such as the Wild Boar in the Bohemian Forest. Mr. Horak had a dream to create a breed of dog by using the Scottish Terrier and the Sealyham Terrier. He wanted a hunting dog that would hunt in packs more easily without the more hyper attitude of the Scottish Terrier and a more slim dog who could go into the burrow after game. He also wanted a dog that is all natural with no ear trimming or tail docking and a dog who has color unlike the Sealyham Terrier who is white and a very hard dog to hunt with on a Friday and get ready to show in Conformation on Sat. and Sun.

He went to school and worked as an accountant until WWII when he lost his job and was assigned a position with the Czechoslovak Academy of Science where he worked until he retired at the age of 76. During this time he was very active in the Czech Kennel Club and reported he was going to try breeding a new type of Terrier and if successful would be called the Cesky Terrier (or early on the Bohemian Terrier).

His plans for breeding had to be put aside until 1948 when he did his first cross breeding of the Sealyham and Scottish Terriers. Thru Mr. Horak's immaculate keeping of records, pedigrees and his dedication to his dream of creating a new Terrier was a success. In 1959 Mr. Horak first exhibited the first Cesky Terriers and the registration with the FCI and Czech Terrier Kennel Club began. Thru his breedings Mr. Horak created a unique soft coated terrier. The Cesky is a great hunter and tracking come natural for the breed. They have "great noses". It is also a breed who is more a silent hunter and more cat like in the hunt for game. They are a great dog that love to retrieve and owners feel that the Cesky is born with the need to play ball. Most will play toss the tennis ball until the owner wears out and the Cesky even though exhausted will want more! "For A TERRIER" they are a little more laid back and love and need their exercise but are comfortable laying on a couch as long as they are close to their owners. 
They are "reserved" towards strangers so they are usually not a jump up on you type dog but of course if they know you have food treats are involved with a "hello" they are right there wanting to say hi. The Cesky is a total Food Lover so feeding a free feeding style is out of the question since they would eat everything and look for more!

The Cesky has a long soft coat that needs clipping every 3 to 4 weeks and the pattern for the grooming is in the AKC Breed Standard and like the Poodle or Bedlington Terrier a very specific haircut.

The are an Oblong dog with short legs, but don't let the short legs fool you, they can really move. When moving they should have a very elegant movement. The Top Line is not a straight top line like most Terrirers but have a slight rise over the loin and an elegant neck. They have almond shaped brown eyes and a button type ear in the shape of a triangle. The hair is soft and wavy and if left uncut would grow long all over. They have a very deep bark for a small dog and are not usually big barkers. They also have very large teeth for a smaller dog and a very loose skin.

They excel in Agility and are extremely smart and use this to their advantage. Like most terriers they will try to rule the house and they need a more alpha type owner who is gentle but firm in their training.

They also "talk" and make some very strange noises, I think the boys talk more then the girls and even after 19 years of owning Cesky Terriers I am amaized what funny noises can come out of them when they are in a talking session. Most are also big TV watchers. My Leo can spot a dog on tv and heads to the tv set to try to watch.

They are a fun, unique breed and I hope you will get to know us more thru Pet Blogs United.

You can find more information about the breed thru the club web site: http://www.cesky.com/

You can find out more about my dogs at http://www.dogartdiva.com/ on my Cesky Page.

Charlene Ewen - American Cesky Terrier Fanciers Assoc. - President - Event Chair - Education Chair


Hoke said...

Bring that little guy home for me will ya please?!

Two French Bulldogs said...

nice little hairdo
Benny & Lily

Mr. Pip said...

I didn't know about this breed. They are super cute!

Your pal, Pip

haopee said...

Wow, my thoughts exactly!!!

This cute doggy looks like a figurine.

Huggies and Cheese,


Brandon - The dog with a blog said...

OMD, how furry cool!

littlemissjackie said...

We haven't heard of this neat breed before either, Miss Pam! They are very handsome! How fun that you got to visit with Mr. Leo!



Chicco said...

Hello dear friend,

I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year full of happiness, with your family.
Woof, woof,


Pup Fan said...

I'm such a terrier fan... and this cutie pie is no exception!

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