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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Alfies Blog Featured Blogger

Our featured blogger this week is Alfie!

Hi My name is Alfie, and I'm a 13 month old Entlebucher Mountain Dog. I live in London with my two humans, and as a very clever and inquisitive youngster, I see it as my duty to educate them in all things dog.

What My Blog is all about: I like to blog about anything that I’ve seen or sniffed that could help other dogs and puppies out there. For example, when I was a little puppy I invented the Sock Game and set the rules for how to play it, showing other puppies how to steal socks at any time and in any location (it is not as easy at it might seem!). I also give other dogs out there advice on how to get their humans involved in more games and play, and one day I woke up and invented an instant sliming method for dogs. Sometimes I like to bark about Entlebucher Mountain Dog Stuff too. Every Friday I set a photo challenge in my blog hop 'Alfie's Friday Foto Fun' and lots of doggies join in and share their own photos. It is so good to hear from my friends from all over the world. As if all of this isn’t enough to keep any blogging dog busy, I’ve also decided I want to be a shop keeper and I’ve opened my very own dog shop online, where I sell some of my favourite toys and goodies.

About Me There are not that many Entlebucher Mountain Dogs in England, so my humans always tell me I'm pretty unique. When I was younger, a lot of people mistook me for a Beagle, but now they always ask why type of cross breed I am. My humans love to talk about my breed, and they get lots of opportunities on every walk as there is always someone curious about my smiley 'Entle' face!

My parents Queenie and Leon met and fell in love on a beautiful summer’s day in Switzerland. After a short holiday romance, my mum travelled back home to Norwich and I was born in September 2010. I have four siblings, and we're all still in touch on Facebook. When I was eight weeks old I was ready to leave home and my new humans came to collect me and drove me all the way to London. Now I’m an adolescent, adventurous puppy in a grown dog’s body, and I spend most of my time looking for trouble so I can blog about it!

I wish someone could invent a paw sized keyboard, but until that happens, my human Linda and I work as a pretty good canine-human editorial team. I'm the creative brain behind all my adventures we write about on the blog, there is always something going on in the park or at home worth blogging about. Then, Linda helps me type it all up and she takes the photos too. In the beginning, I tried doing all the technical computer stuff involved in running my blog myself, but I kept chewing all the cables so now I've delegated all of that to my other human Jelte (his teeth are less sharp than mine).

I love hearing from other dogs and anipals from all over the world, so please sniff out my blog Alfies Blog and say hello! *waggy tail*

My favourite Blog Posts:

The Sock Game and How to Play it

Five ways to get your humans off the sofa - guaranteed results

My First Year

Thanks, Linda & Alfie

Everyone take a little time out of your week and go say Hi to Alfie & friends.  If you're interested in being featured on Pet Blogs United, drop us a line at PBU at comcast dot net.

We will be featuring a couple more Holiday Happenings giveaways today & tomorrow, so stay tuned!


CaroSCAT said...

What a handsome fella!

3pupsinapopup.com said...

ok, ok, now you've spilled the beans and mommy figured out where her favorite socks go. she has one of each.
You look a lot like a swiss mtn dog. but better!

Lola and Tucker said...

Nice to meet you Alfie!

haopee said...

Hey Alfie,

I've visited your bloggy already. I knew you were a mountain dog but didn't know your exact breed. I'm glad you were featured this week.

I'll be visiting you again.

Huggies and Cheese,


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