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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Along Came Rupert - New Blogger Alert

Today we are glad to introduce you to ...Along Came Rupert.

"Rupert is a 16 week old miniature schnauzer who loves to play with his fuzzy skunk, do tricks for treats, and sing along with opera (or any other high-octave style of music). He was the only male born in a litter of three, on August 2, 2011, and is a very smart puppy that already knows a number of commands. He has a lot of character, loves people, and is very interested in every other dog we pass or see. He's doing very well so far with some of the more obvious puppy behaviors -- house training, crate training, and walking -- and we couldn't be happier with the little dog he's turning out to be.

The adventure with Rupert all began one day when Melinda suggested to Andre that they start looking for a new addition to their little family -- a dog! As animal lovers, the two both agreed that bringing a dog into their quaint apartment life would truly make their home complete. Setting upon their search, Melinda and Andre explored all options -- shelters, rescue organizations, re-homing options, and local reputable breeders. After lots of research, lots of decision making, and more than a little bit of heartbreak (with a foster dog that unfortunately didn't work out), Rupert was found!

After instantly falling in love, Melinda and Andre decided that they would chronicle their new life with Rupert as a way to keep their family and friends updated on his progress and their lives together. They had become inspired by the numerous engaging pet blogs that they began to follow when their search for a new family member had begun months before, and decided that a blog was a great way to showcase Rupert -- as well as a way to join a dynamic online community of pet bloggers.

Now after only 2 months, Melinda and Andre are loving the blogging experience that they have already acquired and the many people who they have had the benefit to interact with. They are also enjoying every day with their new puppy, and are eagerly documenting their experiences with Rupert to share with readers. One day, they were just a regular couple living a regular life. The next... along came Rupert! And they haven't looked back since."

You have to know we have a soft spot in our hearts for black miniature schnauzers, so please stop by ...Along Came Rupert and tell them Oskar sent you!


Rachel said...

Oh my gosh can Rupert be any cuter!!!

brandi said...

We went to see Rupert. We will be following him! I am a cat, but one of my bestest friends is a schnauzer.
Thank you for presenting his prescious young life!

Brian said...

Look at that Rupert, cute overload!!!

Mariodacat said...

Awww - M just fell in love all over again. What a darling little puppy. Now she wants a schnauzer again too. Hmmm - that might be kind of fun for me if they were just like you and Rupert.

Two French Bulldogs said...

so darn cute
Benny & Lily

Melinda said...

Thanks so much, Pam and Oskar for the New Blogger Alert feature! We are so happy to hear great comments from your wonderful readers, and are thrilled that so many have already visited and commented our blog. Thanks to everyone who has left comments here and for letting us into your amazing online community! :)

Rupert & Melinda

Cate said...

Oh I just know I am going to become a huge fan - Rupert you are such a cutie!!!

furgirls3 said...

What a cutie! We will be following Rupert!

haopee said...

Wow,he's so fluffy I'm gonna die!!! Seriously. Rupert looks wonderful. I even adore his name. Miniature Schnauzers are so cute!

tasneem said...

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