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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Barley & Ali Featured Blogger

Sean and I (Ali) live in Ottawa, Canada with our adopted dog, Barley. We write the blog to share our stories, tips and tricks in dog-ownership and to receive feedback and create a discussion with other dog owners. We found that owning a dog has led to pretty much every conversation relating back to our furry friend Barley, so we thought a blog might help get some of that off our chest so friends wouldn't be hearing about him all the time!

We also try to show the realities of owning and training an adopted adult dog, and how rewarding and beneficial it is. We both work full time, and enjoy hiking and exploring new places with Barley, canoeing, sewing (...Ali!) and watching the Ottawa Senators win hockey games. Now, enough about us.....

In July of 2011, we adopted a Lab/Shepherd/Mutt mix (who at the time was named "Casper") from Big Sky Animal Ranch in Kemptville, Ontario. He was found tired and hungry on the side of the road by Andy Parent (owner of Big Sky), and wasn't wearing any tags or identification. For two weeks, "Casper" was housed at the Ranch and enjoyed roaming the land and playing with the other animals. Big Sky Ranch resuces horses, pot belly pigs, llamas, goats and more, so there was lots of sniffing and running around to do! We made a call to the ranch to inquire about another dog, a border collie mix named Sally, but she had already been adopted... Andy very quickly, though, convinced us to come out to the Ranch and meet "Casper". Hearing all the great things Andy had to say, the next day we drove 30 minutes into the country, with the sun shining and the fresh air on our faces, to meet the dog who was "too awesome not to adopt", and it was all true. Instantly we knew that he was coming home with us. Since adopting him, we have changed his name to Barley, taught him a thing or two about manners, and we couldn't be more happy.

Favorite blog posts:

Ali Makes Barley a "Man-Cave"
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Barley Learns how to "Leave It"
Barley's Favorite Hand-Made Goodies
A Sunset Photoshoot

So PBU memebers, try to take some time this week to visit Barley & Ali, you won't be sorry.

If you're interested in having your blog featured on Pet Blogs United, drop us a line at PBU at Comcast dot net. 


Finn said...

I think you're missing a dot (before the com) on some of the links to their website. You can get there from the favorite links but not from some of the links in the text! Can't wait to check these guys out - what a great story!

Mr. Pip said...

Barley is a cutie! Love his tent!

Your pal, Pip

Two French Bulldogs said...

nice to meet you guys!
Benny & Lily

ellie said...

What a great blog! love Barley in his tent :)

rumpydog said...

congrats Barley on rescuing your humans!

Lola said...

Enjoyed reading your blog post here and on your web site! Thank you for sharing Barley with us.

Kari in Vegas said...

The tent is so cute!


DogMom said...

I love the tent! And Barley is a very cool dog!

haopee said...

I wish I could have my dogs living inside the house but my mom isn't allowing me to do so.

I also love the tent!

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