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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Living, Laughing & Loving in Loftinland - Featured Blogger

living, laughing, and loving in loftinland – consists of: 4 male dogs and 2 adults….the dogs and their “jiji” do the blogging….often switching over in a post without saying they are…..it’s kinda like butting in, or interrupting!

Nano – is the leader of the pack (or we let him think so)

Jiji – is really the leader of the pack (at least we make her think so)

Then there are “us” the boys:

We’ll start with the oldest Russ – often referred to as Russtopher Waddleworth Loftin – he waddles that is the only guess as to why he is referred to like this…the Russtopher – haven’t a clue. He is considered the sheriff of loftinland….the shortest, biggest in size/weight comparison and when he speaks he does get attention. Gives lots of orders! He is an 11 year old terrier/beagle mix that is about 30 pounds overweight. Our daughter adopted this sweet little guy when she was in college, the demands of being in school didn’t mix with raising a pup at that point in her life, even though she raised him the first year of his life, she brought him to loftinland and we opened our hearts and arms to a very special little dog.

Grizzly Bear is next, the deputy of loftinland – he is a 10 year old Rotty/Shepherd mix. Came to live in loftinland when his “boy” Todd moved to a different location when he was in college – one that Bear could not go with him, because he had so much fun visiting loftinland and knew he would be loved there and still get to see his boy – this is where he landed….and well stayed for the last 9 years!

Next would be Eddi…aka as Pigpen or Digger….boy likes the dirt and covers himself in it daily! He is only 3 and for the past 2 years when he first came to Loftinland he took one look and thought I think I might like it here! There was all kinds of things to get into and tear up and along with Cowboy he is one of the best darn squirrel security dogs ever known to live! The squirrels risk their lives coming to loftinland.

Last but not least there is Cowboy – He is a 5 year old Husky/Shepherd mix that is often mistaken for a wolf hybrid. He is a big boy but a gentle giant! Cowboy lived in Texas before moving in with the rest of his pack, he visits his family there often, the first and only grandchild of loftinland lives there and he adores her but was too big of a dog to be around her on a daily basis! As the other dogs, except Eddi there stays were only temporary, but loftinland fell in love with them and they fell in love with loftinland, and parting would be too much of a heartache, so they stay and live, laugh, and love here with their humans who love them so!

These are not the only dogs we celebrate and blog about in loftinland….or plan to….jiji has had 17 dogs her 52 years…and she has many memories to share of them all. Our whitedog Angel guards and watches over loftinland, she was a white shepherd that found her way into the heart of loftinland over 5 years ago, she was 10 when she arrived and left us at age 15, loftinland misses her everyday!

Here are links to 3 blog posts:

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As you can see there is a lot going on in Loftinland, so stop by & visit this great gang this week!

If you are interested in being a Pet Blogs United Featured Blogger, drop us a note at PBU at comcast dot net.


Mr. Pip said...

What a handsome group of doggies!

Your pal, Pip

Keisha said...

Arf arf! I will go say Hi. :)

Mariodacat (Mario's human mom) said...

MeowWoofie guys. They certainly are a handsome group of doggies. Thanks for the intro Oskar.

Tamago said...

They are all so cute!!

Deb said...

sounds like a fun group....will stop by and see them...

Chicco said...

hello dear friends, how are you?
Beautiful and nice dogs! Great friends to play with!
have a nice week.
Woof, woof,


Peggy Frezon said...

The expressions on their faces is what gets me. They all have something going in that makes me want to get to know them more! Scratch their ears from me!

living, laughing, and loving (and a little bit of lazy) in Loftinland said...

Thanks everyone! It's never a dull moment here in Loftinland....I'll want to get to know your pack in the days and weeks ahead as we catch up on our reading...thanks for your fun and nice comments! jiji

living, laughing, and loving (and a little bit of lazy) in Loftinland said...

....and thanks PetBlogsUnited for giving me this spotlight! The boys have BIG heads now!

living, laughing, and loving (and a little bit of lazy) in Loftinland said...

WE have added a girl to the pack....Sissy to her brothers! I need to write a blog about her....haven't blogged in a great while! Think it's time....

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