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Friday, July 15, 2011

Purina Pet Gear Is Looking For Bloggers!

It’s not very often that we, as consumers, are offered a sure thing. Believe me, I know. As a mom of two very young children, my husband and I decided not to adopt a new pet after my cat, Whoobie, who was my fur-baby for 12 years, passed away. Instead, we put the word out to our neighbors – “If you need a dog-sitter or a cat-sitter, please call us first. No charge!” It enabled us to get our dog and cat “fix” without the commitment of adopting while our children are so young.

Our most recent visitor was Tuffman (see photo), a 3 month old Yorkie. Training pads were a must for this little brut. Tuffman may have been small, but he could make a mean puddle. I wasn’t very impressed with the training pads that our neighbors provided, so I pulled out some of the samples that I had stored away from Purina®. Now, full-disclosure here, I work for the PR agency that handles all the publicity for Purina’s Pet Gear line, but I was genuinely happy with the results.

We’re spreading the word about the Purina® Pet Gear DryStep™ Challenge (www.facebook.com/purinapetgear). We want you to try Purina Pet Gear training pads. And, if you’re not happy, Purina will purchase a pack of the consumer’s (that’s you and me!) preferred brand of training pads.

So, here’s what we want from you – the pet bloggers of America: let us send you some of the Purina® Pet Gear products to try out (products include the training pads, shampoo and a stain and odor eliminator for carpet and upholstery – see photo). If you like them, write about it on your blog, and as a part of your blog post, we will offer a give-away of the Purina® Pet Gear Ultra Dry Training Pads for up to ten lucky readers of your blog.

Thanks and happy blogging!

Shannon Herbon works for MLMC, a PR agency representing Purina Pet Gear products. If you're interested in trying out these products, she can be contacted at Shannon@licursi.net or 813-994-7564


FiveSibesMom said...

So sorry about the passing of your furkitty. Being a pet sitter is a pawsome idea!

While we do not have any pups to test the pads on, we would give great testing & reviews to the other products - i.e. hair remover, stain/odor remover, deodorizer, etc. We are always on the look-out for exceptional pet products! How do I go about this? Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

Elyse and Riley said...

Just sent her an e-mail! Incontinent Chloe could put some of their products to good use!! :)

Elyse and Riley

K9 Katastrophie said...

What a great idea! We need training pads for...well... me..


Benny and Lily said...

Looks like some yummmE stuff
Benny & Lily

Bailey said...

We have several family members that get their pet fix visiting our dogs. I am sorry about your kitty. Thanks for informing us about the opportunity.

Bailey said...

Thank you for sharing this information. I was amazed at how quick she responded and how accomadating she was with my questions.

Mr. Pip said...

Where do I sign up??? Being a yorkie, I use lots of pee pads!

Your pal, Pip

Danny said...

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petdoginsurance said...

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Whitney said...

Oh great offer! Good idea! yummy stuffs..

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