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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Life Of Sancho - New Blogger Alert

My name is Aniela and I am quite new to blogging. I am 13 years old and find the opportunity to share stories with the world and share my memories wonderful, however in my case the stories I put on my blog are not about me but my rabbit Sancho!

The fact that other people are able to share my laughter over my fat lop Sancho is quite an amazing thing don't you think? My blogging is not meant to be there for heated discussion or argument. Just something after a stressful day to make you smile. Although some of the things Sancho does I can assure you don't make me smile!

I try to keep my blog updated as regularly as possible.

Please check us out, You can find us in the PBU directory as The Life Of Sancho

Thank You
Aniela :)

We would love for you to click on the link above & encourage this new blogger & the adorable Sancho!


Brian said...

Such a cutie! I went by and said howdy!

We've moved our blog. We can now be found at BriansHomeBlog.com. Please update any bookmarks and RSS Feeds. Thanks.

Frankie Furter said...

Hi Sancho, I have some bunny furends that live in my yard!!
Soooo it is very much nice to meet another bunny!!!

Keisha said...

I like bunnehs. Nice to meet u! :)

Noll's Nip said...

Hello! Nice to meet you and your chocolate friend ;)

jet said...

I love bunnies. Someday when we can get a bigger house we will have bunnies as well. At the moment the two dogs and two cats make the place seem pretty full!

The Cat From Hell said...

Me has met a few bunnies and me likes bunnies. Me will stop by and have a visit!
Thanks Oskar (Me is happy yous is back!!!)

Mr. Pip said...

A bunny blogger! Hurray!

Your pal, Pip

Aniela said...

thank you guys for the lovely comments :)!
Love From
Sancho and Aniela

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