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Friday, May 20, 2011

Iams Loves Their Animals

Hello friends, Oskar's mom person Pam here.  I let you know that I was going to the Iams & Eukanuba Behind The Paw Influencer Summit these past few days and I have to tell you that I had a wonderful time and met so many amazing people.

I think the first thing I have to address is the PETA video that is out there from 2002.  PETA has pasted together some horrible footage from an outside facility that Proctor & Gamble, Iams parent company, used for a period of time for a small portion of their animal testing.  This facility did testing on many animals from many different sources

Iams felt that the feedback they were getting about their animals at this facility, was not very good.  What they decided to do was hire a person themselves to oversee the care of their animals at this lab.  Iams wanted to ensure that their animals got proper care, stimulation and were being treated well.  The person that Iams ended up hiring was an undercover PETA operative, who took inflammatory video, mostly of dogs that were not Iams animals and swung the power of PETA against "big corporate America" for sympathy and to raise money for their cause.

At the end of this PETA video it asks for you to contribute to Fifi, an IAMS pet.  What PETA does not tell you is that Fifi was removed from the facility and adopted out to a loving family through the Iams adoption program.  Any money given to PETA for "Fifi" is not being used to help her.

I met and spent almost 3 days with Proctor & Gambles Iams/Eukanuba team including Jason Taylor, who is in charge of external relations.  What I want you to know more than anything is that the entire Iams family is deeply hurt by the lies that have been spread about them.  I met everyone from the president of Iams Eukanuba North America to the employees that work at the production plant and these people love animals as much as I do. 

Did Iams pay for me to Dayton to convince me that the PETA accusations are untrue?  In part, yes they did.  Were they successful in doing so?  Absolutely.  Do I want a fight with PETA on my Oskar's little corner of blogland?  Absolutely not, but what I do want is our friends to know are my honest opinions. 

Iams research & development dogs are happy, exceptionally well treated, well trained dogs who are bought from reputable breeders, are AKC registered and adopted out to loving families at the end of their time with Iams.

I've got a lot more to tell you about my trip & I will in the coming days, mostly on Oskar's Blog.  This will be the only post in which I address the PETA video.  I welcome your comments, but if their not respectful then they will be deleted.


Elyse and Riley said...

I hadn't even heard of/seen this PETA video... Honestly, I don't take anything PETA does or puts out there seriously.

Glad you had a great time and we're looking forward to hearing all about it!

Elyse and Riley

Max the Quilt Cat said...

Very good. Great of you to be writing from knowledge. You did your homework and we can trust your opinions. Great job... Love it.

pawhugs, Max

Pup Fan said...

Very interesting... there's often more than one side to these stories.

Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip!

shibasenji said...

I would be interested in knowing the kennel names of the "reputable breeders" who sell their dogs to IAMS. That seems like a red flag to me, especially since you need USDA licensing in order to sell your dogs to research facilities (no matter if they're adopted out in the end). And I can't think of a single USDA-licensed breeder whom I would regard as ethical breeders.

Beth said...

Thank you for a well-balanced piece that may clear up some misconceptions. Saw that video (linked through twitter) yesterday for the first time. Sad that PETA finds it necessary to twist the truth in order to make a point.

*snoogles* Gizmo

Vicky at PPCT said...

I'm not sure why anyone pays any attention at all to PeTA. They persist in doing ridiculous things in the name of getting free publicity for themselves, and every time the media jumps right up and gives it to them. They do not represent any rational person concerned about animal welfare and I strongly suspect if we all just ignored them they would eventually go away.

Having said that, if Iams really wants to impress me they can start by using higher-quality ingredients than I'm currently seeing on their packages.

Vicky at PPCT said...

Not sure if my original comment went through or not. If not, here goes:

I have no idea why anyone listens to anything PeTA has to say anymore. They engage in ridiculous behavior to generate free publicity and the media never fails to oblige them. I suspect if we all just ignored them and went on our merry way, they disappear by the wayside.

Having said that, if Iams wants to impress me they'll need to start using better ingredients in their food. By-Products don't cut it for me.

Finn said...

PETA use people's weakness for soft and cuddly looking critters for their own money making purposes.
I take nothing they say seriously. They actually disgust me.
- Finn's Mum

Momo and Pinot said...

We've heard about PETA....... Our only wish is that all animals are treated well.....

Have a happy weekend!

Momo & Pinot

Richa said...

I dont believe Peta completely anyway, but the whole lab thing cannot be totally false though they may have shut that lab down now.

Also, I am against the idea of the food being tested on lab animals. Howver happy the companies claims they may be, they have to live out a part of their life in non homely not ideal conditions, with no particular family, and who knows how much of the "good life" as Iams claims, is really ensured?. If they have high standard/quality of the ingredients and the final products, they dont really need the testing. (most ingredients have combinations have already been tested for ages now)

The only testing some of the cruelty free companies really do is palatability, which they just make sure by donating to the shelters. I hope Iams can see this message and make some positive changes.

We say no to animals in labs and any kind of animal testing.
Chewie and richa @ Find me a Happy Pet ,
Chewie on Facebook

Alvin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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