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Monday, April 18, 2011

Urgent Help Needed In South Carolina Area

My name is precious. I am a 6 year old torbie kitty.

I lived alone with my mama who I adored above all things. We had a very,very happy life. Then my mama fell to the floor and I went over to her but she was not moving. Her son came over to find her. They took her somewhere and she did not come back for a month.

I did not want to go upstairs in the house where she was. I knew that if I sat on the hot water heater downstairs, I would have a better vantage point to see her car come in. I waited and waited and waited for a month and no one came, no mama.

Then some people came and got me. They stuck me in a cage and I got sick in the cage because I felt like they would never let me out.

Then a woman came to adopt me. She had me for three days and her husband got sick and now I am being taken back to the house with the prison bars and the people who will not let me out. I was a very good kitty at my new home, but the woman too was elderly and she said she would have to stay long hours at the hospital to take care of her sick husband and that was not fair to me. I am very worried. No body wants a 6 year old kitty. I am healthy though, except that I am not allowed out of the small cage and the litter box I have to use is where I have to sleep because it is so small. I am fully vetted, tested for FIV and Feleuk and spayed and have all my shots.

My mama died, I was told. I miss her something awful. Everything was okay untill she fell on the floor that day and now I live in a small cage.

Can you ask someone to help me please??? I am in Greenville, SC.
Contact Brian, at brianfrum at gmail dot com if you can help me!!!

Come on PBU fans, time to get the word out, you guys are pawsome at doing this.

Here is a Tweet that you can re-tweet:  Urgent help needed for SC kitty


Keisha said...

I love u, nice kitteh! I know u will have a nice forever home very soon!! {{{Kitteh}}}

Mr. Pip said...

Wish we were closer to South Carolina! My paws are crossed for Precious.

Your pal, Pip

Katie said...

Aww precious, my heart breaks for you sweet lady! Your furever home will come, I just know it!

Santa, Minnie and Christmas said...

So sad to hear your story. Hope you find a new home soon.

The J-Cats said...

Oh, you poor, sweet kitty! We wish we weren't so far away, far over the sea, so that we could bring you to our home. Why would people not want a six-year old kitty? You are in the prime of life! We are 15 years old (nearly 16) but our human mummy loves us very much! We are sure there is someone out there for you too. We are purr-aying very hard that that Special Someone will find you soon.

Possum and Pixie

ForPetsSake said...

Omg- this is really heartbreaking! A 6 year old kitty is one with MANY years of life ahead!

ForPetsSake said...

Shared on FB

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