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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Peggy's Pet Place - Weekly Featured Blogger

This week we are glad to feature Peggy's Pet Place as our Featured Blogger.

Hi! The best thing about blogging is meeting other people who love pets just as much as me! I'm also lucky, because I get to write about pets for a living. I write for Guideposts magazine (sometimes about pets, and sometimes other inspirational stories) and I also have a twice-monthly web column Pawsitively Pets. Some of my other stories can be seen in Chicken Soup for the Soul books,The Ultimate Dog Lover, Miracles and Animals, and the upcoming Animals and the Kids who Love Them (fall 2011).

One thing I blog about is healthy eating and exercise for both people and pets, because my dog and I have been working on losing weight and maintaining our weight loss (Not easy!). If you and your dog struggle with this too, you might want to check out my new book about our experiences, Dieting with my Dog (Hubble & Hattie,summer 2011).

I also enjoy blogging pet care tips, interesting pet news, pet advocacy and heartwarming stories. You can also find me as one of the staff writers on the team over at Be the Change for Animals.

Now, I'd like to introduce you to my co-worker and office mate, Kelly. I mean no disrespect to her when I say we got her "used." At the time she was living in a cocker spaniel rescue shelter, and when I saw her furry little face on Petfinders, I knew we had to adopt her. We know very little about Kelly's background. When she joined our family, she was one year old, more or less. And she is cocker spaniel, more or less. Her face is more long- haired dachshund, with crazy wisps of hair that stick up on her forehead and nose. I say she's having a bad hair day.

Kelly loves to be wherever I am, even if it means moving two feet away when I walk from my desk to the couch. She loves to sleep on the back of the couch and curl up around my neck. Her favorite destination is her grandparents' camp in the mountains, where she loves to swim and chase chipmunks and ducks. We both love cookies more than we love exercise, but we're trying to strike the right balance.

Here are all of Peggy's links: Peggy’s Pet Place blog, website, Facebook, Twitter.

Here are three of their favorite posts:

Kelly Poses For The Cover Of Our New Book

The Patrick Miracle: Let's Focus On The Positive

Help For A Coon Cat Gone Wild

In true Pet Blogs United style let's all head over to Peggy's Pet Place and say hello!


Mariodacat said...

So nice to meet the featured blogger today. Kelly is such a bootiful doggie.

Brian said...

They are both so cool and they sure have a nice blog. We always hop over and see what she has to say!

Novroz said...

The last picture is adorable.

Your story in Chicken Soup for the Soul books...I wonder which one is it. I have read the CSFTS of dog and cat lover.

Katnip Lounge said...

We are going to go visit right now!

Yoda_the_Dog said...

I saw your article on the Pawcircle! We are going to have to follow your blog. We read a lot of them but don't always comment.

Bobby said...

Hi, Oskar & Pam, Thank you for pawsing by.
We are lucky with all we got from Jake Fergi and Sally. That is good to feature a post, so interesting.
Licks Grumpy Bobby.

Debra Taylor said...

Kelly is absolutely adorable! And thanks for sharing all these valuable online resources.

If we had more space and less finicky cats I'd go to a shelter and adopt a dog, indeed.

Great post!

For other folks reading this, check out my blog. There are some interesting stories there. I manage a homeless cat colony and a few foster cats.

Pup Fan said...

Yay! Love Peggy's blog!

Tamago said...

I like the idea of people and pets working on diet together. it is fun to do something together with your loved one :-)

Jess the Dog Shopper said...

Kelly is a cutie...makes me miss all my old cockers! I love the idea of dieting with your dog...very funny and actually very doable!

Tessa the Maltese said...

Hey there Kelly and Mom and welcome to Pet Blogs United!

Mom and I are going to check out all your suggestions. Thanks!

Hope to see you around soon!

Have a Pawsome Weekend,

woo woos, Tessa

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

We know Peggy and we think very highly of her! She is an extremely talented woman and super nice to boot!

CindyLu's Muse said...

We know her too! And Kelly!! They're the coolest, we love them!

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