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Friday, March 4, 2011

Foster Friday ~ Meet Cha Cha

Cha Cha is a wonderful dog who has been at Animal Haven Shelter in Soho, NYC for the past 8 months (much longer than any other dog) and for no good reason!

Everyone at the Shelter agrees that Cha Cha is a great dog who will make an amazing pet. It is hard to say what breeds Cha Cha may have in her DNA, but the shelter staff think she might be part boxer or mastiff. She is a big bundle of joy who has had trouble finding a home in New York City due to her size.

She came to the shelter in the summer of 2010 with her puppies who found homes long ago. She has had time at the shelter to be trained by the shelter's head trainer and has graduated basic obedience class. Even though she gets lots of love and attention from the staff and volunteers, she really needs a home and a family to stimulate her with new people and surroundings.

Cha Cha is three years old, smart, outgoing and bubbly and will make a fantastic family dog. Please consider spreading the news about Cha Cha!

For more information about Cha Cha, click here.

Please Tweet the following if you're on Twitter: "Help lovely ChaCha find a home with @PetBlogsUnited http://tinyurl.com/4s7jq9n pls. retweet"


Oz the Terrier said...

Oh, she is beautiful. I wish I knew people in NY so I could pass on her story. I will keep my paws crossed that she finds a forever home very soon!
Cairn cuddles, Oz

Pauley, Middy, the Mr. or the Mrs. said...

Cha Cha looks like a happy girl! We hope this beautiful baby gets her forever home soon.

Middy Sue & Pauley James

Amber DaWeenie said...

Who could possibly say NO to ChaCha if they have room in their hearts and in their homes?

Jessica M said...

Thanks so much Oskar & Pam! I love ChaCha, she deserves the best home ever! Call Animal Haven Shelter today if you are in the NY area and interested in meeting ChaCha!

Mr. Pip said...

My paws are crossed for Cha Cha!!

Your pal, Pip

ForPetsSake said...

Thanks for sharing about her -she looks so happy! I hope she finds that forever home soon.

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