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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Blogger Alert ~ Success Just Clicks

We'd like to introduce you to Success Just Clicks, a new blog about clicker training.

Success Just Clicks is written by Tena, who says:

"I have been passionate about animals for my entire life. I was fortunate enough to spend extensive amount of time on a relative's 600 acre farm in the midwest and work closely with my aunt, who is a veterinarian during my youth. My love and knowledge of animals was certainly fostered very strongly from a young age. I started working with dogs extensively before I was a teenager and haven't stopped since. During college there was nothing more I enjoyed than procrastinating my school work to read a dog behavior book.

I have a Master's Degree in Education and pursued a job in education through a non-profit (something I thoroughly loved). Unfortunately when the economy tanked, the non-profit lost its funding and I lost my job. After struggling and failing to find work, I decided to follow my heart and go into training as a profession not just a hobby. The blog was just one more way for me to write all the ideas, thoughts, and monologues I had going on in my head in regards to dog training, clicker training, dog behavior, dog "ownership," choosing a dog, and life with dogs (and occasionally the cats). It's also simply a way to document my life with my dogs (the crazy adventure it is!).

I'm an avid animal rescue supporter and love showing off my two rescue dogs while competing in k9 frisbee events and producing online videos/tutorials for trick training. I'm the founder of my local k9 frisbee club, Steel City Disc Dogs and am the woman behind "Tugs By Tena."

Hop over and give Success Just Clicks a warm PBU welcome when you get the chance!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Don't Forget The Babyface Parade!

Oskar at 8 weeks
Once all the holiday rush is over we want to add some cuteness to our winter with a Babyface Parade!

Send your baby pictures, along with a note about how old you are & a link to your blog to PBU at comcast dot net, by January 14th to be included.  We want to see your baby face!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Talkie Tuesday ~ Oskar & Pam!

This week for TalkieTuesday we thought we'd do something a little different and tell you more about us!

Oskar is a 5 year old, all black, miniature schnauzer & I am his mom person, Pam.  I started blogging on my personal blog, Screaming Mimi in 2007.  It was 2009 when Oskar began The Daily Oskar.

Once we got to know more about the pet blogging community and what great friends inhabit that community we knew we wanted in in a bigger way, and thus PBU was born.

Our goal here is two-fold, to bring pet bloggers together and to support each other with comment love.

We aim to accomplish the first goal with our weekly Featured Blogger,  New Blogger Alert, Member Spotlight, and guest posts.  In the course of the next year I hope to feature as many pet bloggers as possible to build our sense of community.  If you are a follower of Pet Blogs United and you would like to be featured for any of these things, contact us at PBU at comcast dot net.

As for the comment love, that requires your help, so please do support your fellow PBU members with lots of good comments.

As I've mentioned before we are a one-woman, one-schnauzer operation, without all of your participation we'd be nowhere, so we'd like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  We hope 2011 brings great things for you and we hope that Pet Blogs United can be one of those great things!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Great Contest For Courageous Canines

Popular Dog Food Company Celebrates Canine Courage with Facebook Contest
Bil-Jac Calls for Tails of Heroism for Bravest Best Friend Vote-Off
Bil-Jac, a family owned and operated leading manufacturer of  premium dog foods and treats, is calling for stories of canine heroism with the launch of their first Bravest Best Friends Facebook Contest.  Bil-Jac is creating the contest in an effort to further connect the nation's community of dog lovers and to provide support of America’s VetDogs, an organization that serves the needs of disabled veterans and active duty personnel.  Entries will be collected online at Facebook.com/BilJacDog Food from November 16 through December 31.

Bil-Jac is giving Facebook fans the opportunity to post a photo and story of their dog’s exceptional K9 courage, explaining why their dog deserves to be named Bil-Jac’s Bravest Best Friend.  Fans entering the contest may send invitation to their Facebook friends, asking them to vote for their story and picture.  The three most "liked" stories at the end of December will each win Bil-Jac dog food and cases of all-new America's VetDogs treats.  First place will recieve a one-year supply (12 bags of food and 12 cases of treats); second place, a six-month supply (6 bags of food and 6 cases of treats); and third place, a one month supply (1 bag of food and 1 case of treats).

Additionall Bil-Jac will donate $0.10 per vote to the Americas VetDogs organization.  "Bil-Jac is proud to host this Facebook contest not only because it brings our community of dog lovers together in support of the America's VetDogs cause," says Jim Kelly, Executive Vice President, Bil-Jac Foods, "but also because it celebrates the brave pups that exemplify the definition of 'man's best friend'."

About Bil-Jack

Bil-Jac, family-owned and operated, stands for more than 60 years of uncompromising dedication to the
highest quality and freshest ingredients available. Offering a full line of super premium dog foods and
dog treats, Bil-Jac is committed to feeding dogs at every stage of life, which makes Bil-Jac the one
complete food brand that is for all dogs, all their lives. For many years Bil-Jac has been the secret of
success for many breeders. Bil-Jac clients include winners of AKC dog shows, like the Westminster
Show at Madison Square Garden, as well as television and movie star dogs. Dog food is not only Bil-
Jac’s business – it’s our passion.

We hope you all have time to read some of the stories and vote to help support this great cause!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

I Am Santa ~ Featured Blogger

For Christmas we thought it only fitting that Santa, Minnie, Christmas and their whole crew be featured!

We are Santa, Minnie, Beckham, Christmas and now the puppies Jingle Bell, Happy and Pinky. Jingle Bell, Happy and Pinky are puppies of Christmas and you can read about them here.


Santa & Beckham
 Do you notice something about our names? It all started with me, Santa. When my human family first got me, one of the boys said I looked like Santa Claus with my "beard" (take a look at my puppy pictures here and here) and that's how I got my name "Santa".
Santa, Minnie & Christmas
Minnie & Santa
How did Christmas get her name? She came in December, her coat that is as white as snow and I am named "Santa"!. So to go with my name "Santa", "Christmas" seems to be the right name and she responded to it when we first tried calling her that.

With names like "Santa" and "Christmas", looks like we have a Christmas Theme and so when the puppies came, we have "Jingle Bell" and "Happy" to make up the happy season!!

Christmas & the Girls
This group is one of the bestest in the blogging world, so stop over and show Santa and her family some Pet Blogs United comment love.

If you would like to be a Featured Blogger, please contact us at PBU at comcast dot net.

Merry Christmas, friends!

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Goobers on THE VIEW!

We are so very, very excited!  We were sitting here watcing The View and who was featured??  Xia, LiLi & Augie D from Gooberella!!!  They got to ask Whoopi Goldberg a question about her cat Oliver.

We featured these great bloggers and their book Angel In A Fur Coat back in October.

You guys looked great guys, concatulations!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

New Blogger Alert ~ Sue The Bichon Frise

A new feature here on Pet Blogs United is our New Blogger Alert.  We all remember what it was like, pouring your heart out onto a blog, only to wonder if anyone was out there!

For our first New Blogger Alert we are featuring Sue the Bichon Frise
Sue the Bichon Frise
Sue and her mom person, Ruth, just started blogging this month, so hop on over and give them some PBU comment love!

If you're a new blogger who would like to be featured on Pet Blogs United, please drop us a line a PBU at comcast dot net.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Glitter Words

I wish that we had fireworks or cookies & nip for everyone, but all we have is a very sincere Thank You.

Today, just over 3 months since we went live, Pet Blogs United has over 300 followers.

We want your experience here at PBU to be the best that we can make it.  As we're getting ready for a new year, we're looking at how best to serve you, our followers and readers.  We will continue to feature pets & people of interest with Talkie Tuesday, bring you great information with Guest Posts, and have a weekly Featured Blogger.

We're hoping to add features like a New Blogger Alert and a Member Spotlight.  These will be shorter posts than our Featured Blogger posts, but will get the word out more quickly about your blogs and help out our new bloggers with PBU comment love.

We may bring Friendly Friday back in the New Year, we're still looking at that one.  Is that something that you want to continue?  All of your feedback on any of our current features, or new features that you'd like to see, are welcome anytimeat PBU at comcast dot net.

Thanks for being on this ride with us.  Don't forget to send pictures for our Babyface Parade to the above address.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Large Pet Food Recall

We would like to alert all of our reader to check out THIS LINK to make sure a food you are feeding your pet is not dangerous.

Special thanks to Remus & Riley and their mom person for letting us know about this.

Talkie Tuesday ~ Just Jesse

Today we are happy to talk to Heather & Jesse.  Jesse happens to be somewhat of a celebrity, so check out his blog Just Jesse.

Jesse & Heather on David Letterman!

Heather, how long have you and Jesse been together? What made you choose a Jack Russell Terrier?

Jesse and I have been together for 5 years now since I brought him home at 8 weeks old on my 16th Birthday. From that day on we have been inseparable. I fell in love with the Jack Russell Terrier breed after meeting a very special little JRT named Fraiser, when I lived in England. His owner had left on TDY to the United States, and the person who was supposed to watch Fraiser fell through; leaving Fraiser without food, water, or shelter. After taking in Fraiser for a month, I fell in love with his personality, and upon his owner’s return was heartbroken when I had to give him back. Ever since then, I wanted a Jack Russell Terrier of my very own. After waiting 5 years, I was finally blessed with a little angel on four paws; Jesse. What drew me to the JRT breed was their charisma, energy level, cute antics, and zest for life. Their “always ready for adventure” attitude was one of the many things that had me hooked on this wonderful breed.

Jesse has had a successful career in the media, what that your plan for him all along, or did it happen by accident?

Jesse’s successful career in the media was purely coincidental. I got Jesse because I wanted a wonderful best friend and sidekick to enjoy vacations with and have fun rollerblading together. We started learning tricks because of the enhanced communication and bond that came from spending time together. Jesse loves learning new things and his smile while doing the things he loves is priceless. I loved Jesse’s personality so much, and wanted to share his cute antics with the world, so started posting videos on YouTube. We were then contacted through Jesse’s YouTube account by different media outlets, and the rest just sort of followed. Being in different media outlets, we have had many wonderful trips together to numerous states, and the time together and memories is something that I will always treasure.

Jesse's Circle-K commercial
You’re a big believer in clicker training, what do you see as the benefits of using a clicker?

The best benefit of Clicker Training is the wonderful relationship it fosters between you and your dog. Clicker Training is much more than just teaching a behavior with a clicker, but a way of life. The whole philosophy of building trust, mutual understanding, and having fun extends to all aspects of life and communications with your dog. The thing I really love about Clicker Training is the encompassment of teaching your dog, and embracing training as something you do together as a team.
Another benefit is increased confidence and creativity with your dog. Through Clicker Training your pup learns that his own actions and behavior, causes good things to happen.

The benefit of using a clicker also includes an increased understanding of learning different tricks and behaviors. It is much faster to catch a behavior by clicking it, then using a word. The click is always the same, and once you charge up the clicker by giving a reward after the click, your dog understands that they did something right when they hear it. The click is something your dog looks forward to hear as it is a promise of a reward. Rewards include anything your dog likes; treats, toys, petting, or a nice game of tug.

One of the most important things to remember with the clicker is that you should make sure to let your dog know how happy you are with their efforts by giving them verbal praise and petting as well. It is an awesome feeling to see your best friend’s eyes light up when they are having a great time learning something new.

What do you see as the number one mistake most people while training their dogs?

I think the number one mistake most people make when training with their dogs is taking it too fast and not at their dog’s pace. Every dog is different, and some pick up things faster than others. Patience and understanding are the most important parts of teaching your dog something. If your dog is not doing something that you want, they simply don’t understand the request. Going back a step and teaching them what you would like of them will build a foundation for a better relationship as you are listening to what your dog has to say, and adjusting accordingly.

Is Jesse your first dog?

Yes, Jesse is my first and only dog. He is my heart dog and best friend. sse has his own special personality, and is truly a member of the family.

What’s your favorite story about Jesse?

One of my favorite stories about Jesse is when he was a ninja spy for a Malt ball.

I was gathering materials to make a card, and put a bag of Maltesers on the bed behind me and started looking through a bag of stickers. I turned around and saw Jesse licking his lips. I told him those things are bad for him and he shouldn’t be eating any, his reply was a kiss of innocence as he lay down on the bed. I went to get more card stock, and when I returned I saw Jesse delicately take a malt ball out of the bag and eat it. I removed the bag from the bed, and put it on the floor next to me. I sat down with my back up to the bed and started making the card, as Jesse was on the bed right behind my head. Jesse then started nudging the back of my neck and kneading my shoulders with his paws. Then he jumped down on the floor right next to me. He started playing with his toys as I watched him. When I went back to making the card Jesse waited…then waited some more…then…… BAM!! He swooped into the malt bag and stole one malt ball, looked at me to see if I was watching, then dashed up onto the bed to eat it! I was cracking up so much  This memory always makes me laugh as it shows one of the adorable antics that Jesse does that brings a smile to my face. Jesse truly is my little comedian.

Heather, thank you for taking time out of your schedule to tell us about Jesse.

Thank you so much for contacting us!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Babyface Parade!

Who doesn't love baby pictures?  Some of our friends have had baby picture posts lately and they always bring the smiles. 

We know that everyone is busy right now, but we wanted to give you a heads up for a baby picture parade that we're going to post after the New Year.

If you've got a second e-mail us a baby picture, along with how old you were in your pic.  You can send it to PBU at comcast dot net.  If you're people are too busy to do it now, don't worry, we'll remind you again before it's time!

Pee-s ~ Our friend Wyatt made this suggestion, "You should make it a quiz and everyone has to guess who it is, then repost the pictures with the answers a couple of days later!!"  We think that's a great idea, so that is the new plan.  Thanks Wyatt!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

All About Ferrets ~ Featured Blogger

This week we get to learn a little more about those adorable little creatures from All About Ferrets!

First we'll learn a little bit about Mash:

Mash was my first ferret and thanks to her wonderfully warm and loving personality, I have been hooked on ferret ownership since then.

When I first got Mash in 1994 I’m ashamed to say I was so disappointed.  I had hoped to get one of those “raccoon-looking” ferrets with the cute mask.  Instead I got this tiny white ball of fluff with what looked to be angry red eyes that seemed to bore into me when she looked at me.

Angry red eyes? What a joke!  Mash was the sweetest little thing ever and the thing I regret to this day is that I wasted the first two weeks of having her because I didn’t know enough about ferrets and their quirky behaviour. 

She’d leap up at me to play and I thought it was to attack me.  She’d do her very uncoordinated “weasel wardance” and I thought she was having some kind of fit!

In those days information wasn’t particularly easy to come by on the Web and I spent a lot of time trying to research what ferrets were like as pets.  I finally came to understand what her antics were all about and that she was inviting me to play with her.  Stupid me, wasting those first couple of weeks of bonding with her due to my ignorance.

Mash was so tiny, only 600g, that she couldn’t climb up onto our bed so I used to put a plank of wood, which had a carpet attached to one side of it, so that she could climb up and snuggle under our blanket at night.
She was about 2 years old when we got her and she lived for another 8 years.  My vet told me she hoped she would never be on duty if I had to bring Mash in to be helped to the Rainbow Bridge but, thankfully, that never happened. 

One afternoon she seemed to have a stroke of some sort.  She slept in our bed that night, not moving very much, and the next morning, while I had her in my arms, she took her last breath and passed over to the Bridge.

I howled like a wounded animal when she died.  It was like losing a much loved family member and even now, the memory of that occasion still makes me burst into tears.

Mash taught me everything I needed to know about ferrets. 

She showed me that they were not vicious, or smelly, or keen to bite but that they were gentle and loving and cared about us as much as our dog and our cats did.

Thanks to Mash I have been totally head-over-heels in love with these gorgeous little animals since that time and I doubt very much that I’ll ever be without one in my life. 

They all have such different personalities and are so unique in their own funny little ways. They bring so much love and laughter into my life and I am forever grateful that I was lucky enough to be owned by Mash and all the other ferrets in my life.

Here are some of Nona's favorite posts:

This is some really cool ferret photography.

Ferrets in the English army!

Mojo and Zac are a grea duo.

Our main goal here at PBU is to help bloggers reach out and find one another, so I sincerely hope you'll visit All About Ferrets and show them some comment love!

If you are interested in being a Featured Blogger on Pet Blogs United drop us an e-mail at PBU at comcast dot net.

Have a great weekend, friends!

Friday, December 17, 2010

PBU Newsflash ~ Daily Dose Of Dog Commentathon

We have learned that there is a commentathon going on over at Daily Dose of Dogs:

"Don't forget that on Friday, we will launch Pam's Gotcha Day Comment-a-thon celebration right here at the daily dose. All you have to do is leave a comment after her story, anytime between midnight on Thursday night until midnight on Sunday night. For every comment left on this blog during that period of time, Pam will donate fifty cents to our dream of a second cathouse. Oh, do please come by this weekend, and leave a comment."
If you have an event that you would like us to spread the word about please send us an e-mail summary at PBU at comcst dot net.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pet Stains ~ Guest Post By Hsin-Yi Cohen

We all love our pets but we certainly don’t love the mess they make! So here are a few tips to help you live with your mucky friend:

Most mud stains are best left to dry out and then gently brushing the dried particles off the surface and vacuuming them away. Scrubbing the stains while they are still damp will only force the mud deeper in. For stubborn stains on clothes, work a small amount of undiluted detergent into the area and leave for a few minutes, before rinsing and blotting dry with a damp cloth or sponge. Then wash, using a gentle detergent and as high a water temperature as is safe for the fabric.

Whether it’s puppy toilet-training or a distressed and territorial cat, urine stains leave a particularly unpleasant lingering odour. The key is never to use an ammonia-based cleaner as the smell will actually attract your pet back to the same spot. If caught fresh, urine can be treated simply by rinsing with cold water and if it is clothing or blankets, washing as normal, using a biological (enzymatic) laundry detergent. For carpets, treat with an enzyme cleaner. Once the area is dry, sprinkling some bicarbonate soda and leaving for a while before vacuuming will deodorise the area.

This may be the most disgusting stain but thankfully, it is relatively easy to remove. Gently scrape off any excess and then soak the area in a solution of detergent and warm water. Follow with a wash in the hottest cycle possible, using a biological laundry detergent. For carpets, after soaking, you may need to shampoo the carpet using a commercial product as directed.

How to deal with vomit stains depends on what was eaten beforehand. For example, if it was largely meat-based meal, treat it as a protein stain whereas if there was a lot of fat, treat it as a grease stain. Regardless of the type, it’s vital to act quickly, particularly if the stain is on carpets, blankets, mattresses or other absorbent surfaces. Remove any excess and then rinse the area well with cold water. For anything washable, use a biological laundry detergent on a warm water cycle. The worst thing about vomit is usually the lingering smell but this can be dealt with by sprinkling bicarbonate soda as described above.
* Remember, any unusual vomiting should be reported to your veterinarian.

A torn nail, a split ear or a nice, large haematoma on the tip of the tail and suddenly your living room looks like an abattoir…Don’t worry – blood stains are one of the easiest to remove, if you act quickly. Dab with cold water and then blot quickly with paper towels, repeating until most of the colour has been soaked out. Never use hot water as it will react with the proteins in the blood and cause the stain to set permanently. You can also try a solution of mild dish-washing detergent and cold water but don’t rub. For blood on clothes, soaking in cold, salty water will usually do the trick if the stain is still fresh. For old stains, you may need to resort to a commercial stain remover designed for removing blood.

Ultimately, having pets is just not for the severely house-proud but they more than make up for the mess with everything they give us in return!

Do you have any tips for cleaning up pet stains?  Please share them if you do!

We want to thank some of our wonderful friends from Down Under, Honey the Great Dane & her person Hsin-Yi, for allowing us to post this!

If you're interested in doing a guest post on Pet Blogs United, please send us an e-mail at PBU at comcast dot net.

© Copyright, author Hsin-Yi Cohen

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The drawback to Pet Blogs United being a one-woman, one-schnauzer outfit is that if one of us gets sick, things grind to a halt here pretty quickly.

Here's some pics of Oskar being his excessively handsome self.  It's the closest to a real post as we can get right now.

We hope things get back to normal soon!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm Sorry!

Sorry I don't have this week's Talkie Tuesday post up, I've been a little distracted with the Holiday Happenings & being a little under the weather.  I never got photo's for my Talkie Tuesday interview, and I won't use anyone's pictures without their permission, so we may just have to wait until next Tuesday. 

Sorry friends & stay warm!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Happenings Winners!

We would like to thank everyone for making our first annual Pet Blogs United Holiday Happenings a great success.

We have been overwhelmed by the support that the pet blogging community has shown us and we hope to bring you lots more great opportunities in the future.  It's been a lot of work, but oh-so-much fun!

We have a few winners left to announce!

The winners of the D-Line cable covers are Pip & The Island Cats.

The winner of Shorty's Gourmet Treats gingerbread men is Blogdog from Dog Show Newbie.

The winner of the Fido's Closet Dog Collar is Mack from Mack's Mess.

The winner of the Cardinal Pet Products Crazy Dog prize pack is Mack from Mack's Mess again!

And finally the winner of the Farah Aria whimsical pet portrait is Honey the Great Dane.

Thank to all of the wonderful companies that supplied us with such great prizes. We will be keeping their links up in our sidebar until the New Year so it's not too late to check them out. We hope to see you all back here next year!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rubie A Miniature Schnauzer ~ Featured Blogger

This week we are so happy to introduce you to a brand new blogging friend, Rubie A Miniature Schnauzer.  Take it away, Rubie!

Hi Everyone,

Pam and Oskar have asked me to introduce myself because I have finally worked out the computer and have become a blogger.

To talk about me, I must first talk a little about my mum. Mum loves animals and had rescued a black cat in 1993, they were best buds till 2009 when Cleo crossed over the rainbow bridge. Mum retired from the workforce early - she said she had done "enuf" and then did what my dad does all day (which is not much!!) She decided that she had more than enough time to give a little doggie a good life and a great home.

My mum says she fell head over her heals for my breed after her brother (my "uncie") got a mini schnauzer in 2009.

I was born on the 2nd May 2010 and my breeder placed an ad in an online trading site for "Purebred Mini Schnauzer Puppies". There were 10 (!) in my litter and my mum actually wanted a Black and Silver mini, so she put a deposit down on the smallest of my siblings (the only black and silver female was "the runt"). I am very sorry to say that my sister didn't thrive and my mum was asked to chose from 2 remaining girls - then she chose ME! I know it's very very sad about my sister crossing the rainbow bridge - but both mum and I are very happy with each other. Mum was told by the breeder that I had a "cheeky, playful and vocal" personality so I have a lot to live up to!

Mum and Dad drove about 250 kilometres to collect me, and I rode on the knee of my breeder to get to my new parents at 8 weeks old.

This is me on the first day I met my parents.... in the arms of my mum - we are about halfway home.

My home is the Southern Beaches area about 25km south of the capital city of Adelaide in South Australia. We have a nice climate and don't get snow. Adelaide is famous for hot, dry summers and I have already had a few days over 30 degrees celsius, and I flake out fast. Mum says "wait till it hits 42-43 degrees ten days straight!". Lucky I am an inside doggie and we have very good refrigerated air-conditioning.

I have started Obedience School after finishing Puppy Classes at my Vet. I also do Puppy Agility. We are on summer break at the moment and will go back in February 2011. I absolutely "rock" at agility school and love jumping over things, running thru tunnels, scrambling up and down ramps and weaving in and out of sticks. Mum puffs a bit coz she has to keep up with me and I can really zoom! Obedience school is a bit harder because mum and I have to be more structured and precise and I can get a little bored or distracted or just plain wilful (this can make things hard).  

I decided to start my blog after reading lots of cool doggie and other pet blogs. My inspirations included Oskar, JD & Max, Santa and her group, Fatty & Ally, Sasha & Rupert, Betsy Boo, Bert & Oliver - I won't go on - but there are more!!

My interests include food and anything that can be put into an edible context, my toy basket, my tennis balls, helping, my handmade faux fur pillows, sniffing and following bugs, avoiding bath-time, the beach, doggie parks, and supervising my parents in case they sneak into the kitchen and get a snack so that I can participate in that too.

I see a fair bit of my uncie's girls (2 mini schnauzers - my cousins Scarlet and Zoe) and they try to "muscle in" on my blogs occasionally too. They are who I play bitey-face with.

That's kinda me in a nutshell... I hope you sniff by and check out my blog sometime!

Mum, dad and I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas (I still am not sure what that means) and a fabulous New Year!

Tail Wuggles,


Here are 3 of Rubies favorite posts:

Is she breaking out or breaking in?

Can you help to explain Christmas to Ruby?

A super schnauzer play date!

Our initial goal is to help bloggers reach out and find one another, so I sincerely hope you'll visit Rubie and show her some Pet Blogs United love!

If you are interested in being a Featured Blogger on Pet Blogs United drop us an e-mail at PBU at comcast dot net!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Happenings Giveaway 8 ~ Custom Whimsical Pet Portrait by Farah Aria

Welcome to our final day of Pet Blogs United's Holiday Happenings.  I want to thank all of our wonderful sponsors and all of you who have entered this week!

For our final day I'm happy to offer something a little different and this giveaway is open worldwide!

Would you like a whimsically sweet portrait of your pet?

I'd love to paint any pet from elephant to guppy in a whimsical, fun, children's book style!

Any dog or cat breed!

A great gift for a pet loving friend, child's room, baby's nursery,or yourself! Another gift idea...What about a fun pet portrait of the classroom pet with it's name!

One lucky PBU reader will win a custom whimsical pet protrait from Farah Aria Studio, isn't that cool!
 © farah aria
Imagine a world filled with COLOR, PEACE and JOY! ~ farah

All comments to enter this giveaway must be left on this post.  In order for me to contact you if you win you must leave your e-mail address in your comment.  (To avoid spammers you can leave it like this -  PBU at comcast dot net.)  This contest is open to worldwide!

Mandatory Entry:  You must visit Farah Aria Studio and tell me something you've learned or a design you that you enjoyed the most.  Then come back to this post and leave a comment telling us which one it is.  You don't leave the comment on the store site.  (1 entry, leave 1 comment)

Extra Entries:
Follow Pet Blogs United with Google Friend Connect.  (1 entry, leave 1 comment)

If you put the Pet Blogs United Holiday Happenings button on your blog before 12/1 you get an entry.  (1 entry, leave 1 comment)

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