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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Parade

It's time for our 1st Annual Pet Blogs United Halloween Parade

First up we have the beautiful Honey the Great Dane & her gorgeous person Hsin-Yi.

Cookie from Photos of all Fids & Through the Photographs.

Rugby is from Mr. Rugby Sevens.  Before Rugby, there was Mandi.  She crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but we wanted to include her picture too!

Rugby & friends
Mandi - RIP
Noodles from A Bowl of Noodles says he's lucky enough to have 2 costumes.  First up is the Karate Kid!

He's also a San Jose Shark fan or Puckhead, just look at that smile!

Little Truffle from Coco the Princess, Lady Godiva & Truffle makes an adorable elf, doesn't she?

Isn't Miley from Curious Cavorting Cavoodle an adorable angel?

All hail Pharaoh Brian.

Sadie from Park Avenue Chihuahua has 2 adorable Halloween costumes.  A bumble...

And an adorable witch.

Here are Jemma the Long Haired Chihuahua, her friend Toby & her cat Tofu.  None of them seems particulary pleased with these turn of events.
Skunk Toby & Turtle Jemma

Tofu Turtle
Tofu devil, he looks thrilled.
Here are Mango & Dexter

Mango Bumble

Shiloh & Shasta's mom made their costumes!

Shiloh the biker & Shasta the fairy princess
Sadie the Rescued Corgi has a few different looks.

Sadie banana

skeleton Sadie

devil Sadie
Ruthie maes a GREAT candy corn!

Hailey & Lala do make an adorable pair.

Sammy & Avalon are in the Halloween spirit.  After a trip out west Sammie gets to be a horsie this year.
But she prefers last years costume.

Her little sis Avalon is a beautiful princess.

Li-Li from the 3 Goobers made this adorable Halloween video!

Here is beautiful Christmas from the blog I am Santa A Miniature Schnauzer, as a very cute little devil!

George The Lad makes a very convincing Dracula!

You had to know that Laci would get Stan & Scruffie into trouble they didn't ask for!

Chicken Scruffy

Sad Stanny
Laci Queen
Terrier Perfection!
Sadie & Boris from Grey Hares...on my Sofa look great.  Boris even won first prize at a Halloween contest for his Marine outfit which is a tribute to his grandpa!

Sadie the bat

Boris the Marine
Greyhound Gardens sent in this beautiful shot!

Clooney & his sidekick Neytiri from Clooney's Num-Num Fund, shared these photos with us!

George Clooney, the cat
Chewy makes an excellent Captain Jack Sparrow!

Bruce the cat is always willing to get in on the fun!

Maggie Mae makes a great Cowgirl!

Maggie Mae
Pip Gets Back in the Game very well with his lion costume.  He even ended up making some friends!

A Cute pomeranian named Max does have a blog, but he asked if I would post this link to his YouTube Halloween video, so check it out!

Minnie & Mack make a great pair.  A shark & a spider.  Mack looks a little more thrilled that Minnie, don't ya think?


But I do think that the prize for "Least Thrilled" goes to Ivy from Cats of Widlcat Woods.

I think I'd steer clear of her for awhile.
This is me in my costume...

Oskar & his Shadow
It's "Me & My Shadow."  My dad person doesn't let my mom person dress me in costumes so this is the best I can do!

Whatever you do this Halloween, please make sure that your furry friend is in a place where they feel safe, away from strangers in scary costumes knocking at the door.  Oskar does not like Halloween, so one of us stays with him in another part of the house, away from the craziness.

And keep the candy where little paws can't get to it!

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