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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Blogger Alert ~ Success Just Clicks

We'd like to introduce you to Success Just Clicks, a new blog about clicker training.

Success Just Clicks is written by Tena, who says:

"I have been passionate about animals for my entire life. I was fortunate enough to spend extensive amount of time on a relative's 600 acre farm in the midwest and work closely with my aunt, who is a veterinarian during my youth. My love and knowledge of animals was certainly fostered very strongly from a young age. I started working with dogs extensively before I was a teenager and haven't stopped since. During college there was nothing more I enjoyed than procrastinating my school work to read a dog behavior book.

I have a Master's Degree in Education and pursued a job in education through a non-profit (something I thoroughly loved). Unfortunately when the economy tanked, the non-profit lost its funding and I lost my job. After struggling and failing to find work, I decided to follow my heart and go into training as a profession not just a hobby. The blog was just one more way for me to write all the ideas, thoughts, and monologues I had going on in my head in regards to dog training, clicker training, dog behavior, dog "ownership," choosing a dog, and life with dogs (and occasionally the cats). It's also simply a way to document my life with my dogs (the crazy adventure it is!).

I'm an avid animal rescue supporter and love showing off my two rescue dogs while competing in k9 frisbee events and producing online videos/tutorials for trick training. I'm the founder of my local k9 frisbee club, Steel City Disc Dogs and am the woman behind "Tugs By Tena."

Hop over and give Success Just Clicks a warm PBU welcome when you get the chance!


Harry Spotter said...

We are cats, we do not respond to clicks. Have a very Happy and Healthy New Year.

successjustclicks said...

Haha, Harry, I've actually clicker trained two of the cats too...well, one is just starting... it IS way different than with the dogs LOL! Happy New Year to everyone as well! Thank you PBU for featuring my new blog!!

Rubie said...

My mum wants to thankyou for featuring this blog - she thinks that Tena makes some good sense in the doggie world! She especially liked the post about dog parks - too true!!!!! Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

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