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Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Princess Daisy of Alberni ~ Guest Post!

Hello!  My name is Daisy.  Actually, my human calls me "The Princess Daisy of Alberni".  I'm honoured to have been invited to write a guest post here at PBU.

I wasn't always a Princess.  For the first eight and a half years of my life I lived in a puppy mill where I became one of the dogs used for breeding.  Every time I came into heat I was impregnated.  I tried to protect my puppies and be a good mom for them, but couldn't keep them from being taken away much too soon.  I hope they had happy lives.
Daisy after being rescued, treated & cleaned up
A treat is in the ball!
A beautiful Dai

My life in the mill was cruel.  I never seemed to have enough to eat and would have loved a nice warm bath and some love from the people.  I guess I was lucky that I wasn't kept in a cage all my life like some of the places I've heard about.  I shared a big barn with a lot of other dogs so always had to be on my guard not to be attacked - especially when I was able to grab some food.  I withdrew deep into myself to survive the terror and pain.

This is the kind of place most of those cute puppies you see in pet stores come from.

One day, some different people came for me.  They took me to a vet, (which was scarey) and a new home (which was scarey) and finally to my forever home (which was scarey) where I've been since March of 2008.  I was so scared all the time I couldn't stop shaking or hiding.  When I got to my forever home I ran under the car and wouldn't come out.  For the first week I ran every time I saw this new human.  I wouldn't eat or drink and just cringed in the corner waiting to see what new pain would come.

I felt so much better when I was invisible,  so my human bought me a crate where I could make a little refuge.  It even had a nice soft bed in it.  Eventually I would grab some kibble and run to my cave for safety.   My human said it seemed like an eternity before I started eating from my bowl and acting more confident.

All the dogs my human lived with before were "rescues",  but hadn't been abused.  So she had a new challenge in me!  One of the things suggested to her was to keep a journal.  That would help when she got discouraged.  She decided to keep the journal as a blog so my rescuers at fureverafter.net could also keep track of me.  They are a group of volunteers who work really hard to help us dogs in troubling circumstance.  They are my angels and heroes.  You can link to them from my blog which is at: http://fur-licity.blogspot.com/.

It'll soon be three years since I came to my forever home.  I have never barked but my human says that just fine with her!  When there are monsters in the night I stand protectively over her like I did with my puppies.  I'm just learning to play and starting to enjoy people touching me.  I've discovered that people are also a source of treats and I don't have to hide when I get one.  I love being chauffeured around in my car but don't like getting out - especially in unfamiliar places.  And I hate loud noise.

The people at Furever After do a really good job matching people with dogs. My human and I are made for each other. We both like to live quietly, and both have a gentle side.  We both like to have fun too.  We are learning together that fear can cripple both dogs and people and we have to hold our tails high over our backs.

Thank you for letting me share some of my story with you.  I hope it will convince you not to buy a puppy at a pet store, and to carefully screen people selling puppies in other places like newspapers and internet ads.  There are lots of wonderful dogs like myself  waiting in shelters for someone like you to come and give us a good home.  There are also good breeders who act respectfully and responsibly.  For more information visit  http://tinyurl.com/2elhsrw


Katnip Lounge said...

Princess Daisy, you are a HERO! We are so happy you are living a good life now, more than we could ever say!
Love, the Lounge Kats

Doxie Rod said...

you truly are a princess! so glad you got out of that scary place and are in a nice home that you deserve! i hope your puppies are safe and sound and happy.

Keisha said...

O hai! I am so happy u got rescued from the bad place. I like ur blog, too. :)

The 3 Goobers said...

I'm so happy for you that you found a loving home. I came from the shelter into my forever home about 3 months ago. I too retreat under beds and cars when I'm frightened...and loud noises spook me to run and hide. It's a hard transition especially when you're trying your hardest to be a good dog in a new home. I don't wanna goof this new life up. But my new person has promised me that I'm hers forever and she'd never give up on me no matter what. I think I can trust her.

bark at ya later~


George the Lad said...

An uplifting story, so pleased you found your forever home.
See Yea George xxx

Daisy said...

Thank you for your comments and good wishes. Li-li, I'm so glad you found your forever home too. Try to relax and not worry. I know it's hard but the humans who take us dogs are generally dependable.

Peggy Frezon said...

So happy Daisy found her furrever home. And wonderful to hear about the caring people who take care to make good matches between dog and families.

Swimtaxi said...

I am so thankful that Daisy has a loving forever home.

mayziegal said...

Hi Princess Daisy! I think our moms have met over on the Fearful Dogs group. My name is Mayzie (which rhymes with DAISY!) and I'm just ever so happy you found your Most Perfect Home That Ever Was. I know how hard it is at first but isn't it just amazing how far we can go when we feel luved and safe?

Big brindle kisses to you and your momma!

Wiggles & Wags,

Kari in WeHo said...

I am so glad Daisy got out of the puppy mill


Mr.Mews said...

Those puppy mills seems dreadful. Like something out of a Dickens novel...

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