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Monday, September 20, 2010

Say Your Name!

We want to know what your real name is. I actually have 2 real names. My AKC name is Mimi's Oskar Diamond Magic. That's because after about a year of research, my people decided a miniature schnauzer was the dog for them. They couldn't find any in a shelter, so my mom person found a great breeder, the only problem was she didn't have the money.

Well while listening to the "Magic" morning radio show, she won front & center Neil "Diamond" concert tickets. She sold them on e-Bay for a small fortune & was able to afford me!

My given name is Oskar Wilhelm. My people are German & so are us schnauzers, so a German name it was for me!
I thought I'd leave you with a shot of Baby Oskar.

Leave your comments of your full name & how you got it!


Amy and The House of Cats said...

Wow Oskar that is cool how you got your name! We have not got real fancy names or anything - here is ours:
Kirzon - misspelled from Curzon on Deep Space 9 (mom is a big fan of Star Trek)
Lola - was Lolita but that was too long, so it became Lola
Virgil - mom used that for a lot of things and when Virgil came along, she picked it for him. From the poet/guide in Dante's Inferno
Barney - from How I Met Your Mother - mom needed a name and just started going though the shows she liked by day - he was almost Sheldon (from The Big Bang Theory) but luckily Barney seemed to fit better (he really is a Barney, not a Sheldon)
Gus - from Psych - we knew we wanted two kittens, so mom had to plan for names for every combo - she liked Gus and thought it would be a good name. Mom claims that techinically his full name is Guster Burton because the character on the show is Burton Guster.
Stella - mom had originally planned to get a girl cat and name her Trixie and with a second it would be Stella (or Mabel) if we got two girls. See, she was going for a "roller derby girl" kind of theme. But when Stella was born, her foster mom named her Stella - and it really does fit her. So our next girl will be Trixie (which, Ironically, was Lola's name before it was Lola).

We all have the same last name (Hitchcock).

The Kool~Kittie~Krew said...


Well, here's our go.

Mom's parents are bikers and she grew up with a Chopper (boxer) and a Harley (pitbull, she was moms). So when mom got two kitties...she insisted on owning a Scooter(RIP) and Skeeter was her sister. she wanted rhyming names.

King and Pandora were dads, before mom came along.

King was the only boy in the litter.

Pandora was a little freshy, like Pandora's Box.

And when mom brought Cricket home (she got her from some lady outside the supermarket.) The store is called Dutchs, so mom was calling her Dutchess for about 20 minutes after she came home with her, until she started purring and dad asked, "Is there a Cricket in here?" and mom said, "There is now!"

Katnip Lounge said...

Oskar, how we got named is a mystery...Mommy and Mr. Crazypants Are Not very imaginative. It's OK though, the only thing we answer to is the treat jar!

You were an adorable bebbeh woofie! Mommy wanted to squeee but she's at work...shhhhhh.

Mr. Pip said...

My name is Pip, but I answer to Baby Pip, Mr Pip Pip, and Pippy. Contrary to popular belief, Pip is not short for pipsqueak! BOL! I was actually named after the main character in Great Expectations.

I was rescued when I was about 4 so I may have had another name before Pip, but I don't remember.

Your pal, Pip

Frankie Furter said...

You must not have been around for my Fourth of July NameGame thingy. Butt, it bares repeating. (I made a Frankie Funny)
Frankie Oscar Furter Price

Frankie Furter said...

You must not have been around for my Fourth of July NameGame thingy. Butt, it bares repeating. (I made a Frankie Funny)
Frankie Oscar Furter Price

Frankie Furter said...

You must not have been around for my Fourth of July NameGame thingy. Butt, it bares repeating. (I made a Frankie Funny)
Frankie Oscar Furter Price

Beaglebratz & mom too said...

From the mom - Shiloh is Ringo's Little Boy Shiloh (his AKC name) - his dad was Ringo. If I ever got a Beagle, wanted to name him Shiloh. My sis helped me figure out the rest.

Shasta is Tess's Sparkling Shasta (AKC name) - her mom was named Tess. Sis came up with Shasta and for some reason the word Sparkling just seemed to fit with Shasta.

We are still without Internet and may be for a few more days. I better get it bak before Shasta's barkday or she will never let me hear the end of it.

houndstooth said...

Oskar, too cute!

Okay, Blueberry's racing name was Reward Terry, but the house where she lived briefly before us had a person named Terry, so they modified her name to Blueberry, because she's a blue brindle and all.

Lilac was WW Line. All the dogs in her litter had some sort of train themed name. She is more of a squiggle than a line, so she became Lilac.

Morgan's AKC name is Morgan Angelina Jak Noar, but well, Morgan is just a lot easier to say than all that!

My racing name was Bank on Benefit, but they always called me Bunny from the time I was a puppy because I was so soft.


The Blab Labs said...

Wie gehts Oskar? Dein Gesicht ist so sehr süß. Du bist so klein in dieses Bild!
Ich liebe deine Geschichte. Deine Mama ist sehr schlau.

Ich heisse (der ganze Name) "Tierra's Missy Emerald". Meine augen sind fast grün-- darum bin ich Emerald.

Mein Deutsch ist sehr schlecht aber ich hoffe dass, du alles verstanden hast.

Pfoten aus Liebe,

Emerald der schokoladen Labradorhund.

bichonpawz said...

Hi there! We are Chloe and LadyBug and we are bichon frises from New York. It is nice to meet you! We saw that you have a new blog over on Bella's place!! Look forward to reading all about you! We are now following!! xoxox Chloe and LadyBug

Bruce said...

Hi Oskar:
My name is "Bruce" - nothing fancy but I was named after the famous racecar driver Bruce Leven. Kevin used to work for him, so even though it's a simple name, it is a very special name.
your pal,
Bruce the cat:)

Swimtaxi said...

I was so inspired by this post and these stories that I wrote the story of how we picked Remus and Riley AND how we picked their names. I have it on my blog today.

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