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Pet bloggers are some of the kindest people we’ve come across, so we know that with your help, this site will become a great place for everyone.
We will have a featured blogger every week once we get going and that person will hopefully be showered with comments from our members.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

How To Join Pet Blogs United

To Join Pet Blogs United simply become a follower of PBU and then drop us a line at PBU at comcast dot net to be added to our blog roll.

There are many ways to be featured on PBU, here is a list of the most common ways.  In addition to these we also have contests, giveaways, and special features like Halloween parades.
Featured Blogger of the Week
Each week we feature one blog with an in depth look at them including three of their favorite blog posts.
We need a few paragraphs about the bloggers (and their people if you like), links to 3 of your favorite blog posts and 4 – 6 pictures to be included in the post.

Our goal is to have as many PBU members possible visit this blogger and leave comment love.
New Blogger Alert

If you’re a new blogger, this is a great way to bring attention to your blog.  We need a couple of paragraphs about you, why you decided to start blogging and a few pictures.

Babyface Pictures

This one is easy just send us a precious picture of your baby face that we can post to make everyone smile.

Picture of the Day

We love to feature your smiling faces in our sidebar.  You can e-mail us pictures individually or just send us an e-mail saying that we have your permission to pull pictures from your blog to use.  We always link back to the blogger in the Picture of the Day.
Talkie Tuesday

On Tuesdays we try to interview someone of interest to our audience.  It could be an author, the Mayor of Blogville, someone with training talent or just about anything our readers would love to hear about.  Contact us if you are interested.
Foster Friday

We aim to feature a foster or shelter animal every week.  We need a few paragraphs about the animal, 2 or 3 pictures, and all of the contact information in case someone is interested in the pet.

Guest Post
If you’ve got a post that you think would be of interest to our readers and would like to do a Guest Post, just drop us a line.
All information and any inquiries can be sent to PBU at Comcast dot net.  We welcome any ideas you might have!



Pumpkinpuddy said...

Oskar, the site looks great. I'm honored to be your first Picture of the day. I'm looking forward to really exploring your site.

Bruce said...

It's fabulous Oskar & Pam! Can't wait to see what develops here!
your cat pal,
p.s. I feel so honored to be in the banner...thank you!

Wyatt said...

Hi Oskar!
Great idea....and we love the video of you and the froggies.

Wyatt and Stanzie

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Okay Oskar & Pam, we signed on as followers. Is that all we have to do?? We don't know if Google Friend COnnect is something different.
Smooches from pooches,
Baby Rocket Dog & Hootie

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello oskar and pam its dennis the vizsla dog hay heer i am!!! hat and all!!! ok bye

We love Luna said...

Hello Oskar and Pam
Congratulations for this fabulous idea, the blog is adorable!
God bless you all
Luna and mommy Léia

Bogart said...

Nice work Oskar and Pam!


Noll's Nip said...

What a wonderful idea. I will send you an email and follow you too :)

jenifer and jenks said...

Thanks Pam and Oskar for stopping by my site and inviting me to join Pet Blogs United! Jenks and I are so glad to be here, and love your site. We plan on checking back often.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We haven't gotten to google friends connect yet. We barely made it through Google Reader set-up a while ago. But we're glad to meet you, Oskar & Pam. We're the Funny Farmers.

Rubie said...

Hi Pam and Oskar - today I have signed up to follow your blog, and I love it!! Hi to all from Australia!!


Eleanor said...

This site is a wonderful idea. I have added myself as a Google friend.

Momo and Pinot said...

What a great idea, Oskar and Pam!! We just sent an email to you...

Momo & Pinot

HomeGrown Cavaliers said...

I am new to the concept of blogging, I toyed with it when my dog was pregnant last year, I have come across so many people who think its easy and I wanted to make people aware of just how wrong things can go and all the reasons you SHOULDNT do it. I didnt have a clue where to start. I love animals I have been rescuing for several years as well as breeding Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. I have a vast array of rescues, from cats to lizards, I love each and everyone all with their own characters they brighten my day :) I look forward to following more people and having more followers I write from my dogs perspective and my own every now and then.

paulwk said...

Great site, great idea. I would love to see my blog under New Blogger Alert. It's Cool Dog Stuff


Happy.Bark.Days said...

Hello Oskar and Pam. What a great idea! We'll be subscribing to Pet Blogs United and following your stories. Have a happy bark day :)

Novroz said...

This is amazing. I didn't know a blog where pet lovers gather exist :)

Thank you for telling me about it. I have followed you with my blogger account and now I will put the button on my turtle's blog

Ariel said...

Hello Oskar and Pam,

Thank you for visiting my blog and inviting me to join.I think this is a wonderful idea.

kblover said...

Awesome stuff - great site all around!

Followed and looking forward to more.

minearebetter said...

Is there any way to follow via Wordpress? I'd love to get involved with this.

boomerthedog said...

Hello! Great directory

how may Boomer add his doggie blog to this fine site?


Sierra said...


I joined this site a couple of days ago and put your Pet Blogs United banner on my blog, but I don't see my blog in your blogroll yet, so I was wondering if you wouldn't mind adding me to it?


I really look forward to getting to know everyone!

PetSnooze said...

We want to join too!

Eapen Koothoor said...

Your site is helping a lot of pet bloggers to get a good exposure on the blogosphere and to know each other. A great way to get some extra traffic to one's blog. All the best for your site.

Oui Oui (Lolly) said...

Hi Oskar, I meant to join the other day. It would be fun to be featured sometime! Thanks so much

Michael said...

Your blog looks great and it is growing.

Kimberley said...

I am super excited there is a blog out there like this.. I started a blog as a school project in my senior year at UofM. And I have to say I love it, and the blog about my dog was the only way to go!! Sees like your site is a hit, hopefully the community is as close as needed. Ill be venturing out to some other blogs.. Good luck!!

Isocial Pet said...

been looking arround for some good Blogs..This one is very good

cmurphy said...

I am so glad to find this site. I created a new blog a couple of weeks ago which is family friendly and dedicated to my non-human children. I consider them ALL pets. The URL is http://cathyscrittercorner.blogspot.com where you can see my dogs, Alpacas, and chickens!

KSO said...

I recently started blogging about my puppy Betty and our life together:
I think this blog is a great way for pet lovers to connect. Happy blogging!

KSO said...

Don't know how to email y'all because I do not have Outlook but check out my relatively new blog about my life with Betty the Bichon Frise. www.bettythebichon.blogspot.com

Flynnah said...

I recently started blogging about my puppy and came across this wonderful site! What a great idea!
i would love for anyone to check out my blog

Angus and Milo said...

Hi Oskar
Milo here thank you for inviting me to be featured on your blog I would love to accept. My human had some trouble finding PBU(at)comcast(dot)net. But I would be honoured to be featured.

By Now from Milo

Nerissa said...

Okay... my peep is officially a dufus! But you probably already knew that, right? Weeks & weeks ago, you asked if Nerissa's Life would be a featured blog and I told the peep to get working on it. Well, all she did was follow your blog and grab up the PBU button - although she hasn't yet put it on my blog, I see. NOW, she has lost your original e-mail! Told you, she's a dufus. So, I know I need to write up a few paragraphs 'bout myself and choose three of my favourite posts. But BECAUSE my peep is a dufus and lost the e-mail, I don't know where to send the stuff. What a peep! HELP!!!

Petsncharms said...

Great Idea to share with fellow pet bloggers

Kelly said...

I've just discovered this place. It's a brilliant idea. I've just starting blogging about me and my new kitten so being able to follow some more seasoned professionals will be a great way of picking up tips and seeing what other pet lovers are getting up to.

McGuffy Ann said...

Okay, Oskar. I got your comment. I joined your blog & hope you will join me too!
McGuffy's Reader

PugParadise said...

Hello I'm Grace I have just found your fantastic site. I cannot wait to chat to other bloggers and find some great new reads :-)
I have emailed you and look forward to chatting.
I hope that some of you can get a chance to stop by my blog at

retro fix liss said...

Hello! Great site! Check out mine at www.Petsnickety.com for cute pet photos, vids, articles, and more! :)

rascalandrocco.com said...

Your site is beautiful and looks like a great place to connect with other pet lovers/bloggers.

o7~PunkDog~7o said...

Hi! I just followed, but How do I get my blog to be in the blog roll? What is camcast dot net?

Oskar said...


Comcast dot net is the end of my e-mail address. PBU at Comcast Dot net. I spell it out that way to avoid spammers.

The only blog I see linked to your profile hasn't been updated in quite a while & does not appear to be a pet blog. Do you have a pet blog?

Agata Pokutycka said...

Hello, just added your button into my blog. Please can http://barktime.wordpress.com/ join you? Thank you

Abby(: said...

Hi Oskar! I absolutely love you and personally, you are the most excessively handsome Dog I have ever seen!

My name is Lily and I just got my own new blog! I'm a little crazy but I'm really fun too! Just wait and see!

Agnes Lu said...

Hi, I have two super cute turtles!!! turtleshore.blogspot.com

I want to join you!!!

Bubba said...

PLease may you give me a link so I can be part of PBU

Life With My 2 Dogs said...

I would love to be part of your network, Oskar! do I have to be a blogspot blogger or does word press work too?

Monica W said...

Would love to connect and be on your blog roll! Great blog by the way! :)


Christie Finn said...

I look up to your blog very much as a newer member of this community, and look forward to following! :)


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