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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter *sigh*

We have been Easter bunnied against our will.
Moe took it the best, just napping through the humiliation.
I sat for a picture before removing the offending ears.
Chloe, however, always has her own way of doing things. You can see the disdain in her eyes.
You're kidding me, right?
And the ears are coming off!
Do Not Want
Go ahead, try to put them back on my head. I dare you.
Bad bunny ears or not, we wish you a happy Easter!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Black and White Sunday

Okay, we might be cheating. This is technically sepia and white, but we think Sugar and Nola will let us slide.

It's so very nice to be able to go for a walk outside!

Join the blog hop.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

#mobiPET Giveaway Winners

We have our two mobiPET Winners. They are:

Sagira - Sagira's Agility Adventures
Ruby The Airedale

We will be sending an email to the both of you so watch your in-boxes.

Here's a shot of Oskar trying to get some rest.

Can you please just let me sleep?!
Have a great week!

Friday, March 21, 2014

#mobiPET Review and Giveaway

mobiPET is the first pet tracking and location system that sends out an Amber Alert within 5 minutes if your pet goes missing.

Here's a great graphic to give you an overall idea of how mobiPET works.

The vital difference with mobiPET is that an alert goes out with a picture of your pet as soon as you notify them that your pet is missing, after you use your phone or computer to register them.

The fact that this is a photo based system solves the problem for the pet that get's loose without its collar and tags on.

According to some statistics, 10,000 pets are reported missing every week and without ID. 90% of lost pets never return home.

Oskar is microchipped and licensed with the county and is registered with a tag based "missing pet" service but the 2 tags are on his harness, which he only wears on walks.  Most of the time, he is naked in the house and while running and playing in the fenced in yard.  mobiPET would give him the best chance for recovery if he were to inadvertently get loose.
mobiPET tag and 3 key tags
Just like with a missing child, the sooner people are aware of the situation, the better the chance of recovery.  Within minutes of reporting the pet lost, local registered neighbors within a 2 mile radius will receive a text to their cell phone with a picture and the location of where the pet went missing.

An email containg a photo a is also generated that goes to Animal Shelters, Vets and Boarders within a 30 mile radius.

This can even be used based upon GPS if the pet is lost while on vacation!  Knowing when and were a pet went missing allows for more people to be on the lookout in the immediate area.

Made in the USA, mobiPET launched it's crowdfunding campaign to raise $15,000 to launch it's lost pet photo alert program. mobiPET is the first ever security/recovery system for pets utilizing patented mobile image recognition technology. Check it out over at getmobiPET.com.

Now for the giveaway! mobiPet has provided us with 2 mobiPET tags for 2 different Pet Blogs United readers. Each prize includes:

mobiPET tag
Lifetime mobiPET service
3 key tags with information on what to do if your pet goes missing

mobiPET is only launching in the United States at the moment, so this giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.

*Please note that mobiPET is only active in a few areas of South Carolina at the moment. They plan for it to roll out nationwide in June*

Do you want to win an all new mobiPET system for your furry friend? Simply leave a comment below telling my why you are interested. Please leave contact information so we can reach you if you win. Winners will be announced Thursday, March 27 here on this blog.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The First Robin of Spring

Quebec superstition says that whoever sees the first robin of spring will have good luck. It's also our state (Michigan) bird.

Can you spot him?

There in the trees?

He looks very dapper with his new red breast.

So hopefully he's a sign that this long, rough winter is coming to a close. Maybe he's bringing a little good luck for all of us!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Our Spring Cleaning Has Begun

So Oskar finally got me to un-hibernate and come up with a plan for my blogging. I will mainly be focusing on my personal blog, but I am not ready to throw out the baby with the bathwater when it comes to PBU.

The goal is to strip Pet Blogs United down to the bare bones and go from there. What might that look like? I'm going to re-focus my energy here to featuring bloggers both new and established.

If you've contacted me about being featured, I will be getting back to you. I'll also be adding names to the blogroll. It may take me a while, but please be patient, there are a lot of emails to go through.

I also have some nice reviews and giveaways to share here, but it's only going to be stuff that really speaks to me.  I will not be accepting any guest posts for the time being.

I hope to back to posting somewhat regularly by the end of next week. For now I'll be changing some of the wording on the site so that it reflects changes I'm making. (I hope)

Of course I know you all want to see my excessively handsome schnauzer, so here's Oskar waiting for me to get my act together.
See you all soon!

PS ~ you can also hop over to The Daily Oskar to see what kind of trouble he someone has gotten into.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Whatever Happened to Pam & Oskar?

Hello friends,

We've been hibernating for quite some time.  After successfully making it through the holidays & the Polar Vortex I've been hiding.

The fact of the matter is that regardless of things going pretty well in my life right now, my depression has kept me in bed for weeks.

Being bi-polar means never knowing when you brain is going to decide to turn your life inside out. I've been spending up to 20 hours a day in bed and go days without even looking at the computer.

Now I have over 1,600 hundred emails in my in box and am overwhelmed about where to start. If you've reached out to me to be added to the blogroll, be featured or to partner with me on a project, I'm sorry for the radio silence.

I've realized that Pet Blogs United has really run off the rails in the past year.  I would do a review & giveaway of any product that I thought my readers might like, I've done sponsored guest posts that I didn't feel good about because honestly there were times when I needed the money.  How's that for journalistic integrity?

There's also been some emotional turmoil with many blogging friends being ill or crossing the Rainbow Bridge.
On a personal level my parents had to have their Shih-Tzu Buster put to sleep.  They got Buster just a few months after my youngest son Jack was born 18 years ago and he has been a huge part of our life.

I'm also struggling to redefine my role in this world as my boys are not really boys anymore.  My oldest son John David is almost 22 and he lives with his boyfriend about an hour away.  This has been a very difficult adjustment for me, even though he left almost a year ago. (Side note ~ if anyone has anything negative to say about my son's sexuality keep it to yourself and please don't come back to my blog.)  Jack is 18 and finishing up his senior year of high school.  Jack spends 50% of his time at his dad's house, plus he has school, work, an adorable new girlfriend and lots hanging out with friends to do.
John David, Me & Jack
I have long defined myself as a mother.  It's the only job I've ever had that I've been really good at and I can say with no hesitation that I am a great mom.  My boys have been my main focus for years, so now I'm mourning that part of my life when the boys were always underfoot and trying to grow into the role of supporter to my young adults.

And as for Oskar he gave us a little scare a few weeks ago when it seemed that his back problems from this summer had returned.  After we took him to the vet on an emergency trip and had everything checked out he immediately came home and was perfectly fine.  I'm still suspicious that something isn't right, his hips don't always seem to do what they should, but he's not in any pain or favoring any paws so I will just continue to watch him closely.

So Pam, where does that leave Pet Blogs United you ask?  The honest truth is I really don't know.

I want to get back to focusing on blogs and helping new bloggers find an audience.  I want to continue to do reviews & giveaways, but only of products that I feel passionate about.

It may be awhile before I'm back to being able to update a lot, but I treasure all of you who are our readers and friends.
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